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Why patients choose

We organize medical trips to renowned clinics specializing in hair transplantation in Turkey, plastic surgery in the Czech Republic and Turkey, and dentistry in Turkey.

Together with our team of experienced specialists and medical consultants, we accompany and support our patients at every stage on the journey to their beauty – we guide them through the entire process, beginning with the free online consultation, finding the ideal clinic for the persons requirements, arrange all formalities, organize the flights, providing translators in the clinics and giving professional advise during the recovery period.

Each patient is important to us. So we will be happy to help you on your journey to beauty as well.


What our patients say

I recommend group trips with Meditravel. During the entire trip, a guardian was watching over our group, everything was buttoned up to the last button. For me, it was not only a trip for the procedure, but also a fun journey and adventure, and the effects of the treatment exceeded my expectations.

Martin K.

I have been a Meditravel client in the past year. I flew to Turkey for a hair transplant. My life has changed 180 degrees since then. Professional service, care and attention to detail are the advantages of Meditravel. Do not hesitate for a moment, just put yourself in the hands of professionals. You can check the effects on my youtube and instagram channel πŸ™‚

Patrick G.

Where to start ?! : D First of all, I felt super looked after by the Meditravel team, I didn't have to worry about ANYTHING! They take care of everything for you! From tickets to transfer etc etc! Everything in the clinic is professional, everything has been explained by the caregiver who can also be your translator πŸ™‚ so if you don't know foreign languages, it's not a problem! I am very pleased with the course of the procedure and the results of the hair transplant.

Ciaro U.

In January 2020, I did liposuction with Meditravel. It was the best decision that changed my life for the better and stripped me of my complexes. I recommend Meditravel for comprehensive service, kind and professional help at every stage and putting me in the hands of the best surgeon who literally made a miracle. Thank you with all my heart.

Sylvia A.
Insurance agent

9 months after the breast augmentation surgery πŸ™‚ Professional service from meditravel ❤️ before, during and after the operation. They literally took care of everything πŸ™‚ Better results than I imagined. I wish I had delayed my decision for so long. I recommend!

Dagmara M.

Thank you for professionally arranging my trip to Istanbul for a hair transplant. Everything went smoothly. I was in touch with a Meditravel consultant all the time, and in the clinic I was provided with Polish-speaking care. Upon arrival, a driver was waiting for me at the airport. I was nowhere alone. Even for tourist purposes, I was provided with journeys. The clinic is a very modern and clean facility equipped with the latest equipment. Experienced doctors and medical staff work there. The effect of the treatment exceeded my expectations.

Adam B.

Two years have passed since the Meditravel hair transplant. The effect is amazing, the hair is thick and strong, I took a good step by choosing Meditravel. I was convinced of the choice by a large number of effects presented on the website. Very pleasant and friendly service, every detail was discussed during the online consultation. Care during your stay in Istanbul at a very high level. The effect after the transplant is simply amazing. I heartily recommend.

Carol M.