Hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

Max grafts up to 6000 / incl. transfers + hotel + all extras

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Breast surgery in the Czech Republic or in Turkey

Incl. hotel, night in the clinic + drugs + all extras

Hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

Max grafts up to 6000 / Incl. hotel + transfers + all extras

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Breast surgery in the Czech Republic or in Turkey

Incl. hotel, night in the clinic + drugs + all extras

Meditravel brings you
to the best clinics for plastic and aesthetic surgeries

Thanks to plastic surgeries
many people feel better and look younger

We organize medical trips to renowned clinics specializing in hair transplantation in Turkey, plastic surgery in the Czech Republic and Turkey, and dentistry in Turkey. Together with a team of experienced specialists and medical consultants, we advise and take care of patients at every stage of their journey to beauty – we guide them through the process of free online consultation, mediate in contact with the clinic, arrange all formalities, organize departures from every airport in the world, and provide translators at clinics and free online consultations during the recovery period.

Hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey with Meditravel is a guarantee of the best treatment results and a low price – even 1/3 of the price in Poland. The operations that we help organize are performed by experienced surgeons from a reputable clinic. We perform hair transplant procedures without pain and scars, using the most modern micro FUE and DHI methods. We offer individual and group hair transplant trips with a guardian who accompanies patients during their travel and stay in Istanbul.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service at affordable prices. We have been trusted by thousands of Poles, including stage stars, actors and well-known influencers. Hair transplantation in Turkey has many advantages, check the effects before and after the treatment of our patients and take advantage of the free online consultation. Choose the best specialists – take care of your appearance now, opting for a professional transplant.

Plastic surgeries abroad

We offer specialized treatments carried out, among others, in Prague and Istanbul. By deciding on plastic surgery with Meditravel, you have the guarantee that it will be performed by the best plastic surgeon while maintaining an affordable price of the procedure. Plastic surgeries are performed in renowned plastic surgery clinics in Turkey and the Czech Republic with the latest generation of equipment and the highest safety standards.

We offer such treatments as: breast augmentation, breast lifting, breast reduction, reaugumentation, rhinoplasty, septorinoplasty, liposuction, abdominoplasty, face lift, BBL, intimate surgeries, gynecomastia, upper and lower eyelids. On the other hand, operations performed in Turkey include professional hair transplantation in a specialist clinic. We provide Polish-speaking translators and a friendly atmosphere in each clinic.

With Meditravel you will fulfill your dreams

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hair transplant
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Hair transplant

Hair transplant in one of the best clinics in Turkey. We offer operations with the latest sapphire micro FUE and DHI methods at very affordable prices - even 1/3 of the price in your home country.  Possible are hair, beard and eyebrow transplants for men and women.

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Breast augmentation

With Meditravel you can have your breast surgery in the best plastic surgery clinics in Prague and Istanbul. We offer breast augmentation with Mentor, Motiva and Polytech implants. Breast reduction and lift with or without enlargement is also possible.

from 2999 €
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Hollywood Smile

Start smiling and look like a star. Get your "Hollywood Smile" at a renown clinic in Istanbul. Veneers, implants and crowns are possible.

* Price excluding hotel, transfers and translator
20 veneers from € 4,799
Hundreds of satisfied customers

Why people trust us?

We work with several of the best clinics in the fields of hair transplant, plastic surgeries and dentistry. Just a short trip and you can get your desired look for a much lower price than in your home country.  Meditravel organizes everything for you.

  • Flight and transfers
  • Luxury hotel
  • Modern clinics
  • Free online consultation
  • World class service
  • Drugs and post-operative care


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  • Hair transplant
  • Breast augmentation
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Hair transplant
Breast augmentation

Clinics we cooperate with

Meditravel cooperates only with proven clinics for hair transplant, plastic surgery and dentistry. All have international accreditation and use the latest generation of medical equipment and devices. Each clinic has modern operating and postoperative rooms that ensure the safety of our patients. Thanks to the friendly atmosphere in the clinics, each patient can feel comfortable.

Clinicana Istanbul
Clinicana Turkey

One of the best hair transplant clinics in the world. It is housed in a modern private hospital in Turkey, in the heart of Istanbul next to Taksim Square, and operates under the leadership of Dr. Soner Tatlıdede is a hair surgeon who has gained his experience in prestigious centers in Europe, the United States and Turkey. Clinicana has 6 modern operating rooms at its disposal. The hospital supports all branches of medicine, therefore Clinicana, as one of the few hair transplant clinics, can comprehensively consult the patient before the procedure and, if necessary, provide assistance during or after the procedure. The clinic meets international accreditations and has the most modern equipment.

Premier Clinic Prague
Premier Clinic Czech Republic

The motto of the Premier Clinic is: “Only the best is enough for you.” Premier Clinic is a private premium medical facility in Prague operated under the leadership of the well-known plastic surgeon MU Dr. Lucie Zárubová and her team of doctors. The clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment, including two modern operating rooms with the possibility of mild low-flow anesthesia. Patients also have at their disposal fully equipped, monitored hotel-type recovery rooms with excellent gastronomy, a mini-bar and a discreet, free car park in the clinic building. The clinic is operated by the best Czech plastic surgeons with numerous specializations and extensive experience.

Aestetic Center Instanbul
Instanbul Aesthetic Center Turkey

Istanbul Aesthetic Center is a Plastic Surgery Hospital located in the center of Istanbul, which was established to provide high-quality services using modern devices and a team of experienced doctors. The clinic constantly monitors all technological innovations and advances in the field of medicine in order to be able to provide patients with the highest standards of treatment. The clinic has modern operating theaters, standard and VIP recovery rooms, specially equipped with the comfort and convenience of patients in mind. There is also an intensive care unit in the clinic. The Istanbul Aesthetic Center clinic is well connected with the rest of the city, which makes it easy for patients and their companions to move around.

What our patients say about Meditravel

I recommend group trips with Meditravel. During the entire trip, a guardian was watching over our group, everything was buttoned up to the last button. For me, it was not only a trip for the procedure, but also a fun journey and adventure, and the effects of the treatment exceeded my expectations.

Martin K.

I have been a Meditravel client in the past year. I flew to Turkey for a hair transplant. My life has changed 180 degrees since then. Professional service, care and attention to detail are the advantages of Meditravel. Do not hesitate for a moment, just put yourself in the hands of professionals. You can check the effects on my youtube and instagram channel 🙂

Patrick G.

Where to start ?! : D First of all, I felt super looked after by the Meditravel team, I didn't have to worry about ANYTHING! They take care of everything for you! From tickets to transfer etc etc! Everything in the clinic is professional, everything has been explained by the caregiver who can also be your translator 🙂 so if you don't know foreign languages, it's not a problem! I am very pleased with the course of the procedure and the results of the hair transplant.

Ciaro U.

In January 2020, I did liposuction with Meditravel. It was the best decision that changed my life for the better and stripped me of my complexes. I recommend Meditravel for comprehensive service, kind and professional help at every stage and putting me in the hands of the best surgeon who literally made a miracle. Thank you with all my heart.

Sylvia A.
Insurance agent

9 months after the breast augmentation surgery 🙂 Professional service from meditravel ❤️ before, during and after the operation. They literally took care of everything 🙂 Better results than I imagined. I wish I had delayed my decision for so long. I recommend!

Dagmara M.

Thank you for professionally arranging my trip to Istanbul for a hair transplant. Everything went smoothly. I was in touch with a Meditravel consultant all the time, and in the clinic I was provided with Polish-speaking care. Upon arrival, a driver was waiting for me at the airport. I was nowhere alone. Even for tourist purposes, I was provided with journeys. The clinic is a very modern and clean facility equipped with the latest equipment. Experienced doctors and medical staff work there. The effect of the treatment exceeded my expectations.

Adam B.

Two years have passed since the Meditravel hair transplant. The effect is amazing, the hair is thick and strong, I took a good step by choosing Meditravel. I was convinced of the choice by a large number of effects presented on the website. Very pleasant and friendly service, every detail was discussed during the online consultation. Care during your stay in Istanbul at a very high level. The effect after the transplant is simply amazing. I heartily recommend.

Carol M.