Hair transplant by DHI in Turkey
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Hair transplant with DHI method in Turkey

Hair transplant without shaving your head? Possible!

Hair transplantation is always associated with a procedure for men. However, it is worth knowing that there is a hair transplant method that is also ideal for women. It only involves partially shaving your hair. The head is shaved only in the donor area, near the back of the head. I am talking about hair transplantation using the DHI method – Direct Hair Implantation. Thanks to it, it is possible to perform the treatment on women and men with longer hair.

Are excessive hair loss of the same origin for men and for women?

Hair loss is a serious problem for both sexes. In the case of women, it can be more complex and caused, for example, by hormonal disorders, genetics or a previous pregnancy. You can read more about it here. In men, excessive hair loss causing baldness occurs most often due to a family genetic makeup. . In both cases, you should react very quickly, even with the slightest sign. The faster the reaction, the greater the chance of saving existing hair.

Hair loss in women, as mentioned above, usually has a different genesis than in men. In addition to hormonal and gene disorders, very important factors are: severe stress, traumatic experiences and a general, unhealthy lifestyle. Thinning hair can also be a result of a variety of medical conditions and related medications. You can read more about the causes of hair loss here. ).

So what is a DHI hair transplant?

This method is one of the newest hair transplant techniques. The biggest difference with other methods (eg FUE) is the implantation process. Thanks to DHI, opening new hair spots and grafting grafts on the back of the head take place at the same time.

Operation stages:

The beginning of the procedure is the same as with the other techniques. It begins with local anesthesia. This is the least comfortable stage, but it takes literally a few minutes. The pain you feel then is compared to that of a dentist under anesthesia. After a while, anesthesia begins to work, so the rest of the procedure is painless.

Then the stage of collecting the hair follicles begins. The hair follicles, or so-called grafts, are in a limited number. The professionalism and experience of the team performing the procedure are very important. Especially in patients at a young age, one should be particularly careful because of the possibility of losing existing hair. The donor zone is the back of the head. During the consultation, the size and arrangement of this area is determined. During the stage of collecting hair follicles (grafts), a special device is used with which the hair follicles are collected without damaging them. After collecting the hair follicles, it is your turn to return to the recipient site.

The FUE technique in hair transplantation

In the FUE technique, places for new hair are opened at the beginning. This is done with sapphire blades. Then, after completing the opening of new channels prepared for hair transplantation, their implantation is started. However, in the DHI method, the stage of opening new places and hair transplantation takes place at the same time. The DHI method uses special implanters, the so-called feathers (choi) that open up new places and immediately transplant hair follicles into them.

The shape of the new hairstyle is selected individually. Thanks to this, the patient has the guarantee that it will be perfectly adapted to their face. The forehead muscles, the size of both the donor and recipient zones, and the type of hair are all taken into account when determining the area of ​​the hair transplant. The type of hairstyle does not matter for the final effect of the treatment. The team’s experience in working with hair of various colors and types (curly, straight, wavy) allows to obtain a fully satisfactory hair transplant. A treatment in an international clinic in Turkey (a country that is a leader in this field), performed by surgeons with many years of experience, is a guarantee of restoring thick and strong hair. The organization of the trip and all related formalities is dealt with by Meditravel. A trip to the best clinic in this country can therefore be stress-free and comfortable.

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