Why to make hair transplant
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Why get a hair transplant?

Baldness is a growing problem of modern society. It is estimated that over half of the world’s population suffers from excessive hair loss. Contrary to appearances, this problem affects not only men but also women. Lack of hair on the head may cause complexes, lowered mood and a loss of self-confidence. No wonder that people who lose their hair actively look for a solution to this problem. There is no shortage of such solutions, but one of the most frequently chosen is hair transplantation. Why is there so much interest in this procedure? What are its advantages?

Benefits of a hair transplant

Baldness is an embarrassing and troublesome problem. It causes complexes, lowers self-esteem, makes us feel less attractive. No wonder that at the first symptoms of excessive hair loss we look for ways to remedy it. There is no shortage of recommended solutions. Advice ranges from the use of cosmetics (shampoos, conditioners, masks, etc.) for hair growth to the use of cosmetic procedures such as mesotherapy of the scalp. However, it turns out that these methods usually do not bring the desired results. However, it is possible to enjoy these effects with a hair transplant. More and more women and men decide to undergo this procedure. Hair transplantation makes it possible to reverse the effects of baldness and thinning hair.

Innovative methods of hair transplantation

Despite the high success rate of hair transplantation, many people wonder whether it is worth it. If you also have such doubts, it is time to learn about the most important advantages of hair transplantation. Such undoubtedly are the innovative methods of hair transplantation. Currently, treatments are performed using FUE and DHI techniques. Each of these methods is minimally invasive, leaves no scars and provides very good results. It is also important that FUE/DHI transplantation does not require hospitalization, intensive rehabilitation, or administration of general anaesthesia (the patient is anaesthetized locally). Thanks to modern, innovative methods, transplantation is no longer a major operation whose outcome is difficult to predict. Contemporary transplants are an almost guaranteed result of hair thickening.

Experienced doctors

The safety of hair transplantation is due not only to the development of aesthetic medicine, but also to the experience of doctors. Specialists who carry out this type of procedure are real experts and can boast of a very large experience. The best experts in hair transplantation are employed by Turkish plastic surgery clinics. They set the standards for the whole world, have the most experience in hair transplantation and the most modern techniques. Hair transplantation clinics in Turkey provide western European standards, first-class personnel and equipment and comprehensive patient care. Poles can use the offer of clinics in Turkey without any obstacles. They can organize a trip on their own or use the help of Meditravel and do not worry about any formalities and organizational issues.

Customisable design

Contemporary hair transplantation treatments offer many possibilities. Thanks to them it is possible to get rid of bold areas and areas with lower density. How the procedure will look like, how many grafts can be taken from the donor area and which areas on the head can be covered with them, are determined by the doctor during the qualifying visit. A hair transplant in Meditravel includes up to 5000 grafts.

It is also worth mentioning that innovative methods of hair transplantation allow to achieve natural results and after the recovery process, it will be difficult to recognize any surgical interference. Hair from a well-performed transplant will also behave naturally. It can be cut, coloured and styled without any problems.

Attractive prices of hair transplantation

The prices of hair transplants are becoming increasingly attractive and affordable. People looking for a good and fair price/quality ratio should turn to hair transplants abroad. Those performed in Turkey are cheaper by 1/3 than in most European countries.  The offers from Meditravel include next to the operation, accommodation, transportation, consultation also all important extras. It is also possible to get the flight tickets by Meditravel. Here you can check the offers from Meditravel.

Why get a hair transplant?

Baldness can be a traumatic experience. Hair loss can adversely affect appearance and mental health. Studies show that as much as 75% of all men affected by hair loss feel a loss of self-confidence, especially in contact with the opposite sex. According to a survey conducted by the Institute of Trichology, as many as every second Pole is afraid of losing their hair.

A hair transplantation procedure will therefore help improve one’s appearance, as well as positively affect one’s mood. “Regaining” a luxuriant head of hair will boost self-confidence and make you feel attractive. You will no longer have to hide bends and dark circles under a cap, hat or headscarf. What is more, a hair transplant will give long-lasting results. You do not have to worry that your hair will fall out again after a month or two. It is worth remembering, however, that hair transplantation takes a while to show results. The full effects appear only after a year, but they remain forever – the transplanted grafts will not fall out again. It should also be stressed that transplanted hair looks natural. It does not resemble a wig in any way, has the same colour as the original strands, can be combed, coloured, washed and cared for normally, cut and styled by a hairdresser. All of these treatments can be done with minimal recovery time.

If you have a receding line or are struggling with hair loss and want to do something about it, a hair transplant is an ideal solution. Performed by an experienced, qualified surgeon, it can restore the hairline and volume and thickness that you had in the past. The advantages of a hair transplant are not lacking, and the benefits of the procedure are great too. However, if you want to enjoy optimal results, be sure to put yourself in the hands of professionals.

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