FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Transplant Treatment
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Our doctors have compiled a comprehensive, detailed list of frequently asked questions with answers before, during and after a hair transplant procedure. The FAQs also include the latest methods used by doctors in hair transplantation. All questions and answers have been prepared by a team of hair transplant specialists.

Below you will find various categories of questions and answers.


Can I smoke cigarettes or other tobacco products before my hair transplant?
It is advisable to avoid tobacco in any form (cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, hookah, water pipe, etc.). It is advisable not to smoke on the day of the procedure. Nicotine causes excessive bleeding. In addition, when you smoke, toxic chemicals enter the body, which can adversely affect the transplanted grafts.  If you are unable to quit smoking, you are advised to significantly reduce your smoking just before the procedure.

Can I consume alcohol before my hair transplant?
Do not consume alcohol 7 days before the procedure. 

Can a hair transplant be reimbursed?
Because it is a cosmetic procedure, most insurance policies do not cover hair transplant surgery.

Which Norwood parameter does my baldness fall under?
The Norwood Hamilton Scale is used as a reference to determine the different stages of baldness.

The 7 stages  can be compared by clicking on the following link: Norwood Hamilton Scale

Why should I choose Turkey when deciding on a hair transplant procedure?
Turkey is one of the leading destinations in the world for hair transplantation. There are many clinics and experienced clinicians in Turkey who can offer high-quality services at a very affordable price.

How to choose the best clinic in Turkey?
Among the clinics in Turkey, there are many highly regarded clinics in Istanbul. It is advisable to gather as much information as possible about the care offered, the guarantee of care at the hospital or clinic and the transplant procedure, the hygienic and sterile environment associated with the procedure, the quality of care provided by the healthcare professionals and the kind of experience of the professionals in the hair transplant industry. You should also check the online reviews of former patients of the clinic. 

Are all hair transplant clinics located in Istanbul?
Many clinics operate throughout Turkey, but the vast majority of the best clinics are located in Istanbul.

Other places known for hair transplants are Izmir, Antalya and Ankara.

Are there any precautions to take before the hair transplant procedure?
It is not recommended to consume alcohol, tobacco, green tea, coffee and any blood thinners (such as aspirin) at least 10 days before the hair transplant procedure.

How do I make an appointment for a hair transplant in Turkey?
If you are a candidate for hair transplantation after evaluation, the surgery date can be scheduled depending on your availability and the availability of doctors at the clinic. Once everything is confirmed, including the date and time of surgery, you can book your flight to Istanbul, Turkey.

Contact Meditravel for more information or to book your hair transplant surgery.

What blood test is done before hair transplantation?
We will perform a blood count to check the number of white and red blood cells and make sure that the patient does not have anemia or infection. At the same time, we will test for infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B or C, syphilis, etc.

Do I need to shave my head completely before the hair transplant procedure?
Please do not shave your hair before surgery, as we would like to see the density of your hair and the direction in which it grows.

Since the hair transplant will take place in one specific area (frontal line, side lines or top), we do not need to shave or remove all the hair from your head. Only the donor area will be shaved.

However, it is recommended to shave or remove all hair from the head so that our medical staff can perform the surgery as carefully and as easily as possible.

This is also more hygienic after surgery.

Additionally, shaving all hair before surgery reduces the amount of side effects such as itching, etc. after surgery.

When and how can I pay?
Payment is made on the day of your hair transplant surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. You can pay by cash in Euros or by credit card in Turkish Lira. Please make sure that your cell phone works while you are in Turkey. You must activate roaming before paying online as you may receive an SMS from your bank to process your payment.

Can someone accompany me or fly with me to Turkey?
It is not necessary for someone to accompany you to Turkey because the hair transplant surgery is performed under local anesthesia. An adult can accompany you at no additional cost during your hotel stay in Istanbul. Make sure that you come with only one companion because if you bring more than one person with you to Istanbul, you will have to pay extra money for accommodation in the hotel where you will be staying. Child under the age of six (6) free of charge. If you choose to bring more than one adult or more than one child with you to Istanbul, you will have to pay an additional twenty (20) euros per night per person to the hotel.

Can I influence the appearance of my hairline?
Your new hairline is agreed upon (by mutual agreement) with your medical team prior to your hair transplant procedure and is based on the location of the frontalis muscles on your scalp (taking into account your age, the size of your baldness and the symmetry of your face).


Can I play sports and exercise at the gym?
It is not recommended that you play sports or participate in any intense physical activity for one month after your hair transplantation surgery. After two weeks you can exercise at the gym as long as the training is not too strenuous, since the increased blood pressure in the scalp after hair transplantation surgery causes excessive pressure on the newly transplanted hair follicles.

It is important that sports equipment does not come into contact with the scalp during physical activity.   

It is important to remember that elevated blood pressure can cause damage to the transplanted grafts. 

The patient should not go to yoga, boxing or other similar activities as these types of activities can negatively affect the transplanted hair.

Can I smoke cigarettes or other tobacco products after a hair transplant?
It is recommended to avoid all tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes), hookah, water pipe, etc. It is advisable not to smoke immediately after the procedure, as smoking deprives the body of much needed oxygen for the transplant to take hold. Therefore, if you choose to smoke after surgery, you will most likely not have optimal results like our other patients. You must remember that nicotine causes excessive bleeding so it is not recommended to smoke or consume any product that has nicotine in it. When you smoke, you are ingesting toxic chemicals that can adversely affect the transplanted hair. If you are unable to quit smoking prior to surgery, you are advised to significantly reduce smoking just prior to surgery. 

Can I consume alcohol or alcohol products before and after my hair transplant?
You are not allowed to drink seven days before the procedure. After the procedure, we do not advise you to drink at all for seven days because you must take medications such as antibiotics and painkillers. Drinking alcohol while taking antibiotics or medications can be very harmful to your health. 

Can I walk around after my hair transplant procedure?
Yes, you can, but you must make sure that your head is not exposed to sweating. Your blood pressure should also be checked (if it is elevated, home rest is recommended). 

Can I swim in the pool or sea after my transplant?
You should avoid pools and swimming in any water for one month after surgery. 

How long do I have to wait after my hair transplant before I can wear a helmet or hat?
After two weeks, you can wear any type of helmet, cap, hat or other headgear.

How long do I have to wait after my hair transplant to shorten/shave my hair?
We advise you not to go to the hairdresser’s immediately after the procedure, because hair salons do not always meet the appropriate hygiene standard (no sterile scissors, blades, etc.).

Before you cut your hair short you have to tell your hairdresser that you recently underwent a hair transplantation procedure so that he/she is aware of it.

If you want to cut your hair, wait a month. Also note that the barber must not use clippers, electric razors or razor blades in the transplanted area. The barber must use only scissors for the first six months after treatment in the transplanted area. After that time, the barber may use a clippers, razors, or razor blades.

Can I cut or shave the hair in the donor area very shortly after hair transplant surgery?
Shaving or cutting your hair after hair transplant surgery is not a good idea because such activities can interfere with the hair regrowth process. The density of hair in the donor area will be less than before the surgery. Therefore, if you cut the hair in this area to less than one centimeter it may be visible to others. 

After hair transplant surgery, it is not recommended to shave the hair very close to the scalp, especially in the donor area. 

Can I dye my hair after a hair transplant?
You can dye your hair six months after the procedure, as the chemicals in coloring dyes can adversely affect the transplanted grafts.

Does the hair in the donor area grow back after hair removal?
This is the transfer of grafts from the donor area to the recipient area. The harvested grafts do not regrow again in the donor area because the entire hair follicle is harvested and transplanted. 

How long after the treatment does hair start to grow back in the recipient area?
Some transplanted hair may fall out.  If this happens, don’t worry. This sometimes happens in patients.

Hair in the recipient area usually begins to grow back between the third and fourth month. Over time, the hair in the transplanted area becomes thicker. The process of full hair growth takes about one year. 

What should I eat and drink after my hair transplant procedure?
A balanced diet (e.g. fruits/vegetables with a little meat, etc.) is recommended to provide the body with as many vitamins, minerals and protein that the body needs for proper hair growth. Please let us know if you are a vegetarian or vegan, we will make the appropriate recommendations.

When can I return to work after a hair transplant?
If you work in an office, you can usually start work two days after surgery.
If you have another type of job that does not require physical exertion or wearing a helmet, you can return to work after two days. Otherwise, a leave of absence of at least 10 days is advisable.
If you work in conditions where your skin sweats, your blood pressure may rise, or in areas that are dusty or considered dirty or unhygienic you should avoid working in these conditions for at least 10 days after treatment. 

Can I wear a cap after a hair transplant?
Wearing a cap is allowed 14 days after the procedure. We will give you a special protective cap to protect your head from dust, rain or sun.

How long does the healing process take after a hair transplant procedure?
Usually the healing process takes 10-14 days. After 14 days, there will be no red spots or scabs.

What shampoo should I use after a hair transplant?
After your hair transplant, you will receive a special foam and shampoo from Clinicana. The foam should be used for the first 10 days and the shampoo for use. After that, you can use a Ph neutral shampoo without artificial dyes for 6 months. If you want, you can use an organic shampoo.

Should I take vitamins or supplements after a hair transplant?
Dietary supplements can be taken after a hair transplant. After consultation and blood analysis, if you do not have enough minerals or vitamins in your blood such as biotin, iron, vitamin D, etc., your doctor will recommend appropriate supplementation. 

Can I use a tanning bed after a hair transplant?
Due to the high emission of UV radiation, you should avoid tanning beds for 6 months after hair transplantation.

Can I wear a wig or use powder to color my scalp after a hair transplant?
Due to the risk of damage to the transplanted hair we do not recommend wearing a wig or using coloring powders after the procedure

Should I wash my hair daily after hair transplantation?
We recommend washing your hair once a day for the first two weeks after surgery.

Can I walk the day after a hair transplant?
Yes, the transplant does not interfere with normal functioning. 

Will I have facial or scalp swelling after my hair transplant?
We wear a special band after surgery to prevent swelling of the head. Swelling rarely occurs on the face after surgery. However, if it does happen, the swelling will disappear after one week.

Avoid eating salty foods after surgery and drink at least one liter of water for one week after surgery.

Does the skin itch after treatment?
Pruritus is one of the side effects of the treatment. If you wash your hair the itching will be minimized. 

Some skin types are more sensitive, so we recommend using lotions or creams after the treatment. Please let us know if you continue to receive itching. 

Should I use Minoxidil after a hair transplant?
Minoxidil (5%) spray or foam can be used in almost all patients to increase hair density, especially on the top of the head because blood circulation in this area is weaker than in other zones. We strongly recommend that clients use Minoxidil if they do not want to lose existing hair. With long-term use of Minoxidil, areas of low density in the transplanted area will become denser over time. When applying Minoxidil to your scalp daily, rub it in with your fingertips (no nails) and gently massage it into your scalp. 

If needed, our team will answer your questions. 

Should I use finasteride after a hair transplant?
Finasteride is a hormonal therapy that helps with hair growth.

Finasteride may be used after a hair transplant. Ask your healthcare provider if you are a suitable candidate for Finasteride, as this medication has side effects.

If you are using Finasteride and have noticed positive results, we recommend continuing therapy 

How long should I wear the bandage after a hair transplant?
The bandage can be removed one or two days after hair transplantation.

Is the appearance of acne normal after hair transplantation?
Acne rarely occurs, but it is one of the side effects after the procedure. 

Can I have sexual intercourse after a hair transplant?
Sex is not recommended until two days after hair transplant surgery because sexual activity increases blood flow and blood pressure. The increased blood pressure can damage the transplanted hair by pushing out the grafts. On the third (3rd) day you can start having sex, but until the tenth (10th) day remember to make sure you are not in a head down position during sexual activity. 

Also make sure your partner never touches the transplanted area.

Finally, make sure that you do not physically force yourself during sex or that you make minimal effort when moving.

After two (2) weeks, you can do whatever you want.

Do I need to take medication after my hair transplant?
Medications (such as antibiotics and painkillers) are given to the patient on the day of surgery and should be taken for 7 to 10 days after surgery.

Can I use a razor after a hair transplant?
It is not recommended to use a razor for 6 months after the procedure. 

Can I use styling gel or spray?
No. Gel, styling spray, oils, hair care products or any products containing chemicals should not be used for six months after treatment. 

However, if you do decide to use any of these products be sure to wash your hair before going to bed. 


How are my private information and photographic records protected?
We know that privacy is a very important issue for most of our patients.
Remember, we respect our patients’ right to privacy.  If you wish, we will sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your privacy. We will not publish any photos or disclose any information about you without your written consent. 

Will the harvested hair from the donor area grow back after the hair transplant?
The removed hair will not grow back when we pull out the transplant root. After surgery, the density of the donor area hair will be less, but there will be no scarring in the back of the head.

Is a hair transplant permanent?
A hair transplant is permanent because entire hair follicles are transplanted and the hair from the donor area is genetically identical to the rest of the hair so the risk of rejection of the hair transplant does not exist. 

Is hair transplantation effective?
Yes, hair transplantation is the most effective solution for people with progressive baldness.

Is hair transplantation painless?
We will use a painless method of local anesthesia. However, in some cases, painless local anesthesia may not be appropriate for certain skin types. If this happens, we will need to use a normal local anesthetic, which will be administered with a needle. This anesthesia may cause minor pain that is or may be similar to the type of pain you may have experienced at the dentist. The local anesthesia lasts about 5 minutes. Once the anesthesia is administered, you no longer feel pain. 

How much does a hair transplant cost?
The cost of a hair transplant (up to 5000 grafts) is fixed. Check Hair transplant for the prices.

Can a hair transplant be done regardless of hair type?
Hair transplant can be performed on patients with any type of hair. We have performed transplants on patients who had red, black, brown, white, gray or blonde hair, etc. Hair color does not matter on the quality of the transplant. Moreover, our professional team is also very experienced in working with patients with both straight hair and curly hair etc. 

Who are our patients?
Patients come to Clinicana from all over the world (Australia, Canada, South Korea, United States, etc.).

Is there an age limit for hair transplantation?
Hair transplantation is for adults and must be scheduled at the right time given the progression of the baldness. If the patient is healthy and there are no health contraindications that could limit or prevent hair growth it is possible to perform the transplantation in people between the ages of 20 and 80.

How long does a hair transplant procedure take?
If the patient lives in Istanbul it is possible to have a hair transplant within one day.
If the patient lives in another country it is recommended to come to Istanbul for 3 days (blood analysis, consultation, procedure, follow-up visit). 

Will I achieve my dream result after one treatment?
Everything depends on the type and severity of baldness and the donor area (the better the donor area, the more grafts can be taken during one treatment).

Will I have a head full of hair after one hair transplant session?
Everything depends on the severity and type of baldness, the size of the baldness on the head in relation to the size of the donor area and the density of grafts or hair follicles in the donor area.

Can hair be transplanted from another donor?
We do not recommend hair transplants from another person for aesthetic reasons.
The procedure after a hair transplant from another person is identical to a kidney or heart transplant from another donor. 

There is a high risk of the recipient’s body rejecting the transplanted hair. This is theoretically possible, but if you choose to do this, keep in mind that you will have to take immune-suppressing drugs, which are very expensive and may pose other risks to your health.

What are the side effects of the hair transplant procedure?
The hair transplant procedure is not risky. The occurrence of side effects is minimized (redness, itching, dry skin). However, if the scalp is washed regularly, then none of these side effects may occur. In addition, the risk of side effects is also reduced by regularly taking medication as prescribed by your doctors.

What risks to my health are there during a hair transplant procedure?
Hair transplants are performed under local anesthesia, not under general anesthesia. Therefore, there is no risk to the patient’s health. 

How much does the package for hair transplantation in Turkey cost? 
The package includes transfers to and from the airport, hotel and clinic. It also includes two nights accommodation in Istanbul near the hospital, post-operative treatment, translation services if needed. The entire medical team speaks English, so you don’t have to worry about communicating with us in English. Blood analysis is also included and there are no hidden costs.

Check https://meditravel.com/operation/hair-transplant to see the current prices.

What is the success rate of hair transplants?
95% of the transplanted hair will grow. For this reason, the hair transplant surgery will be successful.

Will I look natural after a hair transplant?
Every hairline is individual, so it is important to carefully evaluate where your new frontal hairline should be. When determining your hairline, we will take into consideration how your forehead muscles are positioned, as well as your overall facial structure, age, etc. When performing surgery, we cannot transplant hair into the forehead muscles for aesthetic and physical reasons. Also, if we transplant hair into the forehead muscles, the appearance will not be natural and the hair will not grow. Even if the forehead muscles are able to support the growth of transplanted hair in some cases, especially for people under 28 years old, it is not recommended to place transplanted hair in this area for genetic reasons. In the future, if your original hair continues to fall behind the current hairline and in the crown area, you will not be able to get the desired results because the area without hair will be very large. In this case, it would be advisable to reduce the recipient area or move the hairline slightly backward to compensate for this and to get better transplant results. 

How many grafts can be transplanted during one treatment?
The number of grafts that can be transplanted during one treatment depends on the density of the hair and the size of the donor area from which the hair will be taken.

Between 4000 and 5000 grafts can be taken from the donor area. In rare cases, we are able to take up to 6000 grafts. 

Can a hair transplant fail?
Not everyone is a good candidate for a hair transplant.

If someone is in their twenties and their hair is still falling out after the procedure, they will think that the hair transplant surgery was not successful. We will not perform the procedure on you if we feel you are not a suitable candidate. 

The success of a hair transplant depends on many factors, especially the medical team’s experience, professionalism and professional ethics. 

Can I have a hair transplant procedure performed on an area affected by alopecia areata?
First, alopecia areata should be treated by a dermatologist.

Second, if we transplant hair into an area where there is active or untreated alopecia areata the hair will not grow.

When alopecia areata is properly treated, the hair will usually grow back.  If the area on the scalp is still hairless after treatment, a hair transplant may be an effective solution.

Can I have the procedure done if I have diabetes?
Diabetes does not prevent hair transplantation. Talk to your doctor to make sure your blood sugar levels are under control (including 10 days before your scheduled procedure). It is important to remember to take your medications regularly and to maintain a balanced diet.

Diabetes affects the healing process, which is why you want to make sure there are no complications such as risk of infection. 

Which doctors in Istanbul can perform hair transplant surgery?
Hair transplant surgery can be performed by a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist (in our clinic the doctor is a plastic surgeon).

Will there be any scars after the hair transplantation procedure?
No. The FUE method does not leave scars. Each graft is harvested individually. 

Should I trust cheap hair transplant clinics in Turkey?
Before the surgery, you should keep in mind that the most important factors related to the surgery are the quality of the hospital or clinic, its reputation, the experience of the doctors, the services provided, the professionalism and ethics of the medical team and the price. 

Be wary of cheap clinics in Turkey because if the procedure fails or if the donor area is damaged you will not be able to have the procedure performed again at another clinic. 

When can I fly on a plane after my hair transplant procedure?
Typically, patients fly home by plane the day after their hair transplant procedure. 

What are the different stages of the procedure?

  1. Local anesthesia
  2. Extraction of the grafts
  3. Graft preparation
  4. Opening of the channelsImplantation of the grafts 

Can a patient have the procedure performed under general anesthesia?
The hair transplant procedure does not require general anesthesia as it is not considered a major surgery. Moreover, the procedure usually takes 6 to 7 hours so there is no need for general anesthesia.

What are the causes of hair loss in men?
The main cause of hair loss in men is genetic.
There are also other factors that cause hair loss such as stress, medication, age, illness and environmental factors.

What are the causes of hair loss in women?
Hair loss in women can be related to hormonal disorders, pregnancy, stress, lifestyle, emotional shock, breastfeeding, medications and diseases, genetics and environmental factors.
The use of strong chemicals in hair coloring can also accelerate hair loss.

Is hair transplantation effective in women?
Once the actual cause of hair loss in women is diagnosed, a hair transplant can be performed.
We can also correct the hairline to make the forehead smaller and more feminine.

What is the most effective method of hair transplantation?
The most commonly used and effective method is the FUE method, which is suitable for all types of baldness

Who performs hair transplantation?
The evaluation and plan for hair transplant surgery is done by your doctor. The entire process is a team effort because one doctor cannot do everything alone.

What is the best time of year to perform a hair transplant procedure?
There is no preferred season for hair transplantation. The procedure can be performed at any time of the year. 

Can I have artificial or synthetic hair implanted?
Yes, but keep in mind that there is a high risk of rejection of the transplant because your immune system will consider it a foreign body. In addition, synthetic hair does not look natural and gives an artificial appearance.

Is it possible to take hair from other parts of the body and transplant it into balding areas?
When the donor area (back of the head) is too small or insufficient to provide enough hair transplants, we can harvest hair from the chest or lower chin. Chest hair is weaker, curlier, shorter, does not grow like head hair, and has a shorter lifespan than scalp hair.

We do not use chest hair at the hairline. However, we can use chest hair on the top of the head to increase density.

Body Hair Transplant – Body Hair Transplant (BHT) is only good for some patients. After your consultation, we will decide if you are a suitable candidate for BHT.

Is it possible to harvest hair from the beard to perform a hair transplant?
It is possible to harvest hair from the beard if the hair on the beard is similar to the hair on the scalp. We can only use hair from the lower part of the chin because when we remove the grafts from that area, they will not be visible to others. If we remove the grafts from the cheeks, the lower density of hair from this area may be visible to others.

What does a beard transplant involve?
A beard transplant involves taking grafts from a donor area (the back of the head) and re-implanting them into the face to increase facial hair density or create a new beard or mustache.

If the amount of hair in the donor area is not enough, we will not be able to transplant a beard.

What method is used for a beard transplant?

A beard transplant involves taking grafts from the donor area (back of the head) using the FUE method and re-implanting them into the face to increase the density of facial hair or to fill out the beard or mustache more. 

Who is a good candidate for a beard transplant?
You must be at least twenty years old to undergo a beard transplant.

It is advisable to make sure that you do not have any existing medical conditions that could limit or prevent your beard growth.

Before contacting us, consult your doctor to ensure that your lack of facial hair is not the result of a pre-existing medical condition.

Beard transplants may be an option for patients who have very thin beards or patients who have facial baldness or no beard at all.

How many grafts are implanted per square centimetre?
One square centimetre can contain anywhere from 35 to 60 grafts implanted. This number is based on the area treated the thickness of the grafts, the methods used to implant the hair, etc.

Is a hair transplant a guarantee? 
Yes, a certificate indicating the number of grafts will be provided or issued after the procedure and before you leave the clinic. Additionally, we guarantee that the transplanted hair will not fall out. 

How long do I have to wait to schedule a second hair transplant?
It takes approximately ten (10) months for the donor area to fully heal. Therefore, if you wish to have another hair transplant, you must wait at least ten (10) months.

All transplanted grafts take about one year to produce hair. If you transplant hair into an area where grafts already exist and where those grafts are not yet producing hair, you may damage the grafts by opening the canals during the second surgery.

You can have a second hair transplant procedure after the final result, which will take about ten (10) to twelve (12) months.

For hair that has been transplanted into the crown area, it sometimes takes fifteen (15) months to achieve the full final result.

Why is Clinicana one of the most expensive hair transplant clinics in Istanbul?
We are affiliated with one of the best hospital groups in Turkey. We are ISO JCI certified and surrounded by qualified healthcare professionals (plastic surgeon, dermatologist, infection specialist, nurse and pharmacy doctor). This ensures that we take every precaution to ensure that your privacy is protected and that all procedures, from initial consultation to post-operative follow-up if necessary, are performed in a professional, safe, sterile and hygienic environment.

Can I have a hair transplant if I have HIV?
Yes. Everyone has the right for medical care. Our philosophy is to treat every patient similar. For this reason, we have recently introduced a qualified, experienced and specialized medical team that can perform hair transplant surgeries on patients with HIV.

How long does the hair transplant procedure take?
Hair transplant surgery takes approximately five (5) to six (6) hours depending on the number of grafts implanted. In very rare cases, it may take up to seven (7) hours to complete the procedure due to certain medical conditions. 

What method is used for a beard transplant?
The method used for beard transplantation is the micro FUE technique, which will provide a very natural look. The DHI technique is not good for beard transplants at all because the appearance after is unnatural.

How many individual hairs are contained in one graft?
A graft contains from one (1) to three (4) individual hairs.

Should I come back for a follow-up after my hair transplant?
It is not necessary to come to Turkey for a post-operative check-up. If you happen to visit Turkey up to one (1) year after surgery, you are welcome to come back for a free post-operative consultation.

How are post-operative checkups after hair transplantation performed and how long are they performed?
One or two days after surgery, we will conduct you for a follow-up consultation with you.

The post-operative check-up is done remotely via email, WhatsApp or Skype.


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