Hair transplant

Hair transplant - before and after

For what reasons are hair transplants that are so popular among patients? In order to answer this question, one needs to carefully examine some of the most important issues from a medical point of view. Problems of excessive thinning or even hair loss can affect anyone, regardless of age. Taking into account the statistical data, we can see that men are much more exposed to this type of ailments.

Today, the medical community is absolutely unanimous that the causes of symptoms can be extremely different. Among them are genetic predisposition, the influence of strong and long-term stress, improper lifestyle or an improperly balanced diet. Although hair loss is not life-threatening, it often turns out that this condition has a very negative effect on the mental health, which only worsens the whole situation.

So how to effectively deal with the problem? People interested in finding the right solution certainly cannot complain about the lack of interesting options at the moment. However, this does not change the fact that by far the most popular are hair transplants and transplants. This state of affairs is mainly due to the fact that these methods are extremely versatile and can be used without any fear in the case of bends and baldness in other parts of the head. What is also important – hair implantation is a proven procedure.

The results obtained during the entire process are in the vast majority of cases considered to be fully satisfactory. Transplantations are gradually ceasing to be treated as a last resort. Transplants are successfully performed in many clinics around the world. In making their decisions, patients are also helped by increasingly attractive prices and the possibility of dividing the payment into convenient installments.

Therefore, if you are struggling with the problem of androgenic or other hair loss, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of our unique service offer. Thanks to modern equipment, individual approach to each case and the experience of our specialists, we are able to provide all interested parties with the highest possible standard of service. We will make every effort to ensure that the hair transplant brings the expected results.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant - before and after

The most effective way to deal with the problem of excessive baldness is hair implantation. The entire procedure – although it does not require special preparations on the part of the patient – always takes place in several stages. Depending on the chosen method, you should take into account that the necessary steps may take from 2 to even 10 hours. The direct reasons why hair transplants enjoy so much interest from patients are, of course, the astonishing aesthetic results. However, it should not be assumed that they will be visible on the next day. It is worth noting that for a few days after the treatment, swelling and bruising persist, and sometimes there is a slight pain.

However, these ailments should not be considered a significant problem, because standard painkillers, which are in every home medicine cabinet, will help to alleviate them. The patient has at his disposal an antibiotic for spraying the scalp and gel patches for cold compresses. After 7 days, you can finish the beauty treatments. In the case of hair transplantation, the expected results appear on average after 3 months.

Hair transplant – price

During their work, our specialists very often face the question of how much does hair implantation cost. The costs to be incurred depend primarily on 2 factors. We are talking about the chosen method of treatment, as well as the degree of advancement of the baldness process.

The pricing of transplants is always done individually. As for the average costs, they range from a few to even several dozen thousand zlotys. What is very important – good clinics do not require a transfer of the entire amount. Currently, everyone interested in hair transplantation can count on convenient payment methods – incl. in installments.

Hair transplant – why is it worth it?

For what specific reasons is it worth choosing a hair transplant? Alopecia is a problem that has a very negative impact on mental health in the long run. Patients often struggle, incl. with lack of self-confidence, depression and anxiety – mainly in fear of criticism from the society.

Performing a hair transplant – due to its high efficiency – is one of the best ways not to expose yourself to too far-reaching consequences. Therefore, we kindly encourage you to contact us and get acquainted with the details of the service offer prepared by our best specialists. We are convinced that it will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers!

Hair transplant

Hair transplant - before and after

One of the most popular methods of fighting baldness is collecting and then transplanting hair follicles from the scalp – its side or back part. This is undoubtedly an effective way to obtain satisfactory results in this regard, however, one should remember about certain limitations related to its use. First of all, such a solution is available only when the material can be obtained from the above-mentioned places. In this case, hair transplants can be performed using two methods: FUT and FUE.

The first technique involves the removal of a skin flap containing hair units needed for transplantation. For this purpose, the donor regions from the occipital part of the head are most often used. After obtaining the appropriate material from them, it is used to fill the hair loss. FUT works well with androgenetic alopecia – both in men and women. It also allows you to correct facial hair or even eyebrows. However, hair transplantation using this method is quite invasive and results in scarring. This is something to keep in mind when considering a transplant in a clinic.

Another solution for people suffering from hair loss is the FUE method. In this case, the hair units are obtained directly from selected places on the patient’s head – without removing a skin flap. Thus, you can avoid the formation of an unsightly trace, which is characteristic of the previously described FUT technique. The less invasive way is also a shorter recovery time. Usually it only lasts a week. Hair transplantation using this method allows you to return to normal functioning the day after the procedure, which is undoubtedly a big advantage.

However, what if in a person who wants to perform the said transplant, hair loss also affects the back or side parts of the head? In this case, obtaining the material is very difficult, and most often even impossible. However, the removal of the hair follicles may involve other places on the body. This is because the modern BHT method makes it possible. Such hair transplants are as effective as FUT and FUE. As donor regions are used, inter alia, chin, arms, legs, chest or back. It depends on their characteristics in a given patient. The whole process is often quite advanced, requires the use of local anesthesia in many points of the body, but its results are noticeable in a relatively short time.

The final choice regarding a specific method of hair transplantation should be made after consulting a specialist. After he has carried out the appropriate tests involving, inter alia, He will indicate the technique recommended in a given case on the basis of the assessment of the donor areas available to the patient, allowing for the collection of material for transplantation. Through free consultations, we are able to provide support in this area, while organizing trips for treatments that allow you to get rid of the problem of androgenic, post-traumatic or post-inflammatory alopecia. Please contact us for detailed information on the services we provide!

Hair transplant

Hair transplant - before and after

Contraindications to such a procedure are very important when choosing the appropriate method of hair follicle transplantation. It is also worth getting acquainted with possible complications. For this reason, an interview conducted by a specialist with a patient determined to have hair implanted, for example in order to reduce baldness, is crucial. In this case, chronic, severe diseases are a disqualification. I am talking about cancer, advanced diabetes or problems with circulation. The scalp must be free of any inflammation or irritation that may be aggravated by transplantation. Contraindications also depend on the characteristics of specific hair transplant techniques. The use of methods such as the previously described FUT and FUE excludes alopecia areata.

Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to provide the results of key tests in this case. It is primarily morphology, i.e. the detection of various types of diseases through the assessment of blood parameters. The time of its clotting is also crucial. In order to determine it, the so-called APTT and INR analyzes. Hair implantation is, contrary to appearances, a demanding procedure, which, if performed in an appropriate manner, usually has little side effects. It is important to choose the right clinic that is able to carry out this type of transplant, so that the results are as expected and the recovery is short.

We provide our patients with assistance in choosing a foreign facility, where treatments are performed on the basis of a detailed interview, but also the individual preferences of the person who decided to implant the hair. The methods best suited to specific ailments such as androgenic, traumatic and even plaque alopecia are proposed by international specialists. If you are interested, please contact us to arrange the date of departure and other details!