ARTAS hair transplant

The modern lifestyle means that more and more people – often at a very young age – have to deal with the unpleasant problem of baldness. The answer to its growing popularity is the modern and time-tested method of hair transplantation – transplant with the use of an ARTAS robot. This innovative solution combines the latest technical discoveries with an affordable price, which makes the operation attractive to anyone who would like to regain their lush hairstyle. It is worth finding out how many advantages are the use of automated systems in aesthetic medicine treatments. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer!

Hair transplant - robot

Hair transplant - before and after

The offer we propose is addressed to all people who want to effectively counteract various types of baldness. Thanks to the use of modern engineering and programming solutions, it was possible to create a breakthrough device for hair transplantation. ARTAS is a robot that both facilitated the work of specialists and improved the techniques used so far. By using professional equipment, surgeons can carry out head hair transplantation even more accurately and efficiently.

The device is used during operations with the FUE (Follicular Units Extraction) technique, which has been known for many years. During this type of procedure, the doctor takes individual hair follicles and then implants them in previously designated areas. It is easy to guess that this was a time-consuming task and carried the risk of accidental damage to the implanted fragments. Thanks to the use of the ARTAS robot, it was possible to improve the procedure and shorten its duration, which over time was reflected in the attractive price of the FUE hair transplant.

The use of specialized equipment for transplantation means that the risk of damage to the collected hair follicles has been almost eliminated, thanks to which the effectiveness of the operations has been significantly increased. The device, by collecting the best fragments for hair transplantation, makes sure that they go to the right place intact. Thus, the need to use materials of inferior quality is reduced. A specially prepared artificial intelligence algorithm is responsible for the high efficiency of the ARTAS robot, making it almost a pioneering device in the field of transplantation.

Although the device works independently, the doctor present during the procedure is responsible for its operation and supervision. Thanks to this, even if the patient is afraid to trust the programmed machine, he can be calm due to the presence of a specialist who takes care of the proper course of the hair transplant operation. The ARTAS robot uses an algorithm to select the best fragments for transplantation, and then with great precision places them in the previously designated place. Contrary to a human being, the machine does not get tired of work, therefore the speed and safety of the activities performed are always maintained at the same high level.

ARTAS uses a high-resolution, stereoscopic vision camera system that allows it to determine with high accuracy which materials are best suited for hair transplantation. The robot, thanks to its high precision, reduces the negative effects of treatments that often occur when they are carried out by a human hand. Modern technology reduces the risk of scarring wounds or the need to use sutures, and preserves the natural appearance of the donor area. Thanks to this, the effects of the transplant are very impressive!

ARTAS hair transplant - price

Hair transplant - before and after

At Meditravel, we strive to ensure the highest quality of treatments, while keeping the costs as low as possible. That is why it is worth choosing the ARTAS hair transplant offered by us. The cost of robotic surgery will of course be higher than that of non-specialized equipment, but the top quality of the innovative techniques is reason enough to trust the treatment chosen by thousands of patients around the world. We work with clinics outside Poland, thanks to which we can ensure lower costs of all procedures and the support of the best specialists.

The ARTAS hair transplant procedures performed in Turkey guarantee satisfactory results and a visible improvement in the condition of the head hair within a few to several weeks. The price is determined individually with each patient, because it depends on the type of baldness, individual factors and how many hair follicles will have to be removed to effectively restore the previous hairstyle density and attractiveness. It is worth remembering that the costs also include all formalities related to the flight, accommodation and preparation for the operation.

We provide the highest quality of hair transplantation services using the ARTAS robot at attractive prices. With our help, the best specialists and modern treatments are at your fingertips! We encourage you to contact us and learn more about our offer of medical tourism!