Hair transplant - price

Losing hair on the head can be caused by many factors beyond our control. Therefore, when all “home” methods fail and the baldness progresses, it is worth considering hair transplantation and implants. What is the price for the graft and where will it be the cheapest? Meditravel offers transplantation performed using the FUE technique, which will be carried out by specialists from the clinic in Turkey. We guarantee comprehensive support during preparation for implantation and an attractive price list related to implantation! We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer!

FUE hair transplant - price

Hair transplant - before and after

When deciding to choose a hair implantation procedure, it is worth knowing what this type of surgery involves in order to better understand how to estimate the price for a transplant and perform it as cheaply as possible. Depending on the condition of the hair and the health of the patient, different methods of implantation or degrees of densification of the hair follicles may be necessary. Our offer includes an attractive method of transplantation – FUE. It consists in collecting the appropriate number of grafts from the areas of the head that are most resistant to baldness. Then, the collected material is placed in previously designated places, where the hairline is to shift over time. The price list of the procedure, which is a transplant, will most often depend on how densely the implants should be placed to achieve the desired result.

In Turkey, hair transplantation, FUE implantation, a procedure whose price is attractive, has been used for years, so you can rest assured of your own safety. The surgeons who perform surgeries have extensive experience in the field of combating baldness, and thanks to the highest quality equipment of the clinic cooperating with us, it is possible to implant with precise and non-invasive methods, and, importantly, at an affordable price

Hair price list

Hair transplant - before and after

By choosing our support, you can take advantage of both the operations carried out by specialists, and rely on the operators of modern robots for graft transplantation, which are characterized by high precision work performed under the supervision of a qualified doctor. It is worth mentioning that the price of the hair transplant surgery is variable. The price list may depend on the type of bellows to be downloaded. One of the factors determining the amount will be, for example, the color, as the more it contrasts with the scalp, the more implants will be needed to hide a thinning hairstyle.

Hair transplant - price for a graft

Hair transplant - before and after

In the case of hair implantation using the FUE method, you should take into account the price given for each graft of implants, i.e. a hair follicle. It is worth remembering that although the cheapest implant offers may be tempting, in the case of surgeries affecting the appearance of the body, it is much better to choose recommended and proven solutions, even if they would involve higher costs. At Meditravel, we care about the affordability of our price list, cooperating with aesthetic medicine facilities in Turkey, thanks to which we are able to provide high-quality services for amounts much lower than those found in Poland, where for each implant you have to pay up to a dozen zlotys.

Professional transplantation usually requires the placement of several dozen grafts on one square centimeter of the scalp. This means that when implantation is performed, the price for the hair transplant increases with the surface area you want to cover. The cost of implantation will also depend on how thick the hairstyle is planned to be achieved as a result of anti-alopecia implantations. The price list for the graft allows you to only roughly determine what amounts can be expected, therefore, for the sake of transparency and clarity of cooperation, we contact our patients in the efficient implantation procedure to individually determine its cost.

Hair transplantation in Turkey - price

Hair transplant - before and after

Meditravel presents an attractive offer of packages enabling hair transplantation in Turkey. By using our support, you can easily complete all formalities and properly prepare for the transplant procedure using modern methods of implantation, such as FUE or DHI. To make it the cheapest, you can choose the Basic package that covers all costs. As standard, we guarantee VIP transfers, a 3-day stay in a four-star hotel for the patient and the accompanying person, and – most importantly – implantation of implants up to 5,000 grafts along with the necessary tests and medications. The Basic package also includes lunch at the clinic on the day of surgery and a certificate confirming the quality of the process. The Meditravel team also provides consultations during the recovery period. All this at an attractive price.

However, if you are concerned about the language barrier, by choosing implantation in the Premium package, you will receive the support of a Polish-speaking interpreter for the entire duration of your stay in Turkey. Thanks to this, you can be sure that all information about the transplant will be clear to you and you will take care of your hair properly after transplantation. We also offer a Premium + flight package, which includes the aforementioned things, and also guarantees the organization of return air tickets by us. Our affordable price list of implant surgery makes it possible for you to undergo anti-alopecia treatment for a reasonable amount of money. Please do not hesitate to contact us!