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Hair transplant instalments – is it worth it?

Many people who are considering a hair transplant usually consider the cost of the procedure. Will they be able to afford it?

And as we know, the problem of baldness affects a larger part of the population, as much as 80% of men. The first signs of hair loss can be noticed already at the age of 20. Unfortunately, women also struggle with baldness and hair loss.

Baldness is a cause of serious complexes, lowered mood and self-esteem. Therefore, it is worth considering hair transplantation, which is often the only salvation for people suffering from hair loss.

What costs should we prepare for?

In most clinics – in order to give a price for hair transplantation, the doctor must first assess the condition of the scalp hair and the size of baldness that the patient has. And also what are the possibilities of taking grafts. This is why so many people are afraid and wonder if they should undertake a hair transplant without being given a specific price. Price lists are presented indicatively, leaving the patient feeling confused and frightened by the amount they may hear.

For example, the top of the head alone costs often between 5000 and 12000 €, depending on how many grafts the patient will need. To be more precise, it all depends on how much each graft is priced at the clinic.
It should also be remembered that an additional cost that must be taken into account is the consultation and anesthesia, as well as post-surgery bandage or follow-up visits.

Hair transplantation — mediraty

Meditravel is an organizer of medical trips related to hair transplantation in Turkey among others. Our patients are given the opportunity to choose one of the packages. From basic package to premium package. Each package has a guaranteed free online consultation, as well as full assistance in organizing the trip. And also all medications and follow-up appointments.

Every patient is important to us. That’s why we go out of our way to meet your needs and offer Mediraty for hair transplants in Turkey.

The Mediraty help to finance hair transplantation procedures in Turkey. They are created, for people who do not have the full amount that is needed to undergo the procedure.

The whole process is completely safe and convenient as it is done online. This gives you the possibility to get your hair transplant procedure in Turkey.

Hair Transplantation – is it worth it?

This is the most effective and best form of hair loss treatment. Cosmetic or beauty treatments offered by offices are not permanent or do not work at all. Hair transplantation, despite the fact that it belongs to aesthetic medicine procedures, is very safe. The recovery period is short and the results are very impressive, natural and permanent.

Use our contact form for a free consultation, both for medical advice and instalment payment.

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