How to prepare for plastic breast surgery
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How to prepare for breast plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery of the breast is currently an extremely popular procedure among women. They are no longer performed only when the bust interferes with normal functioning or is a threat to health / life. Many women decide to have breast plastic surgery who want to improve the appearance of their breasts, reduce them or enlarge them. However, it should be remembered that breast plastic surgery is a serious operation. Therefore, it is associated with a longer convalescence, as well as the need to properly prepare for the procedure. How to prepare for breast plastic surgery? What tests to perform and what to remember?

Breast surgery – it starts with choosing the clinic

The operation is the last stage of the breast surgery. However, before the doctor starts it, the patient must properly prepare for the operation. The first step is to choose a clinic and surgeon. A breast surgery is performed in many plastic surgery clinics. More and more women decide to have their breast surgery outside of their home country. The Czech Republic is the most frequently chosen travel destination for plastic surgery in Europe. They can boast of world-class surgeons, modern medical centers, experienced staff and high-quality equipment. At the same time, plastic surgery in the Czech Republic is about 20% – 70% cheaper than in most western countries. All this makes breast augmentation surgery in the Czech Republic one of the better choices. Ladies who want to use it, can ask Meditravel for help, which will organize the treatment and take care of all formalities.

Breast surgery – medical consultation

After choosing a clinic, it’s time for an initial consultation. With Meditravel you can do it for free, without leaving your home. It is enough to take 3 photos of the breasts and send them directly by e-mail to the address or via the form at In response to the sent report, the patient will receive a health questionnaire to complete. Its task is to exclude all reasons that would disqualify from the desired surgery.

Contraindications for surgery are:

  • canceer,
  • severe liver and kidney diseases,
  • blood clotting disorders,
  • cardiovascular disease,
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The final consultation takes place before the surgery in Prague. So it’s a good idea to write down all your questions and concerns so that you don’t forget anything. This can happen under stress. Further stages of the consultation include a thorough medical interview and manual examination. On its basis, the doctor – plastic surgeon will suggest the size and shape of the implants adjusted to the patient’s anatomy, and will also present the proposed method of surgery.

Breast surgery – which tests should be done before the surgery?

Before breast plastic surgery, you need to do a whole set of tests. Tests, including laboratory tests, must not be older than 14 days. The results should be delivered 10 days before the surgery by e-mail to the following address:, all tests can also be performed the day before the surgery at the clinic. The originals of the results of all tests, together with the opinion of an internist, should be taken to the clinic. On their basis, the doctor can assess whether the breast surgery can be performed. It is worth noting here that general, good health during this procedure is very important. It is performed under general anesthesia. Good health will also speed up the recovery process. The operation can only be performed if a complete set of tests is delivered.

To confirm the state of health before the breast surgery, the following preoperative examinations should be performed:

  • Blood count with smear
  • Thrombocytes
  • Rapid measurement of hemocoagulation or APTT, INR
  • Blood chemistry:
  • AST
  • ALT
  • Bilirubin
  • Glycemia
  • Creatinine
  • Urea and serum minerals (Na, Cl, K, CRP)
  • Urine with sediment
  • ECG of the heartX-ray of the lungs and heart – in patients over 50 years of age
  • HIV
  • HbsAg
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Examination by an internist with conclusions. The doctor should evaluate all of the above tests: X-ray, EKG, results of laboratory tests and others, and write whether the patient can undergo surgery under general or local anesthesia.
    The assessment should be written legibly in English.
  • If you suffer from any blood diseases, please undergo a detailed hematological examination.

Additional tests may also be provided for patients suffering from chronic diseases – this is an individual matter determined directly. The breast surgery can also not be performed on sick people, people who have a cold and infections of the respiratory tract.

What should be the diet before breast plastic surgery?

Before the breast surgery, you should also take care of a proper diet. It should be easily digestible and delicate. It is recommended that the daily menu does not contain fatty foods, while at the same time you cannot eliminate protein-rich foods – it will hinder the healing of postoperative wounds. Before the operation, it is also not advisable to eat products that increase the risk of bleeding, such as garlic, ginger, saffron, horseradish, chili, celery, as well as preparations with vitamin E. To prepare the body for the procedure, it is necessary to give up stimulants – caffeine, alcohol, tobacco.

What medications cannot be taken before breast surgery?

Before breast surgery, some medications should also be discontinued – mainly those that interfere with blood clotting. It is not advisable to take preparations rich in vitamin E, acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin and its derivatives) and ginkofar. These drugs should not be taken for at least 2 weeks before surgery.

Plastic surgery of the breast – recommendations before the procedure

Appropriate preparations must also be made on the day of the operation itself. On the day of the procedure – in the morning, you should wash yourself thoroughly, without using any body or face lotions or creams. You should also not have painted nails.

The operation should be performed on an empty stomach. It is recommended that you do not drink anything at least 6 hours before starting the operation. You should come to the clinic a few hours earlier so that the doctor and the anaesthesiologist can properly prepare the patient for the surgery.

What to take with you to the clinic?

A trip to the Czech Republic for breast augmentation surgery takes 2-3 days. Before the procedure, Meditravel patients are accommodated in the hotel, and after the procedure, in the clinic where the operation is performed. Both the hotel and the clinic offer every comfort. Nevertheless, it is worth taking your favorite time lovers to the Czech Republic, which will make the waiting period for the treatment and immediately afterwards more attractive. The clinic bag should contain comfortable change of clothes (zipped sweatshirts, pajamas, cotton underwear), handy cosmetics, toothpaste and toothbrush, hair elastic. However, it is not advisable to take jewelry and valuable items.

Products such as a bra, anticoagulant tights, anticoagulant medicine are not needed – they are included in the price, as is the Polish-speaking interpreter on the day of the consultation.

Undergoing breast augmentation surgery should be carefully considered. Each woman must make such a decision consciously, not under the influence of emotions or pressure from third parties. You should consult your doctor directly if you have any concerns or doubts. It is worth remembering that breast plastic surgery affects not only the physical zone, but also the mental one. During the preparations, it is worth taking care of both of them.

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