What are the effects of hair transplant?
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Is a hair transplant effective against hair loss?

A hair transplant is considered to be the only effective solution against baldness. Regain products as Minoxidil and Finasterid just stop the hair loss, but they don’t fill up the bald areas with new hair. A hair transplantation is possible for both women and men. However, is it actually effective? What results can you expect from it?

Is the effect of the hair transplant visible immediately after the procedure??

Each patient would like the effects of the hair transplant to be visible immediately after the surgery. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You often have to wait 12 months for the final result after the hair transplantation, and up to 18 months for the crown area of the head (tonsure). First hair starts to grow about 10 days after the surgery, but as a result of the so-called “Shock loss” they can fall out. Permanent hair starts to grow approximately 3 months after the hair transplant. Therefore you have to be a little patient and wait for the growing. After 3 months the growing gets better and better with each month.

In conclusion, the first noticeable effects of the hair transplant appear 3 months after the hair transplant. However, you have to wait up to 18 months for full results. What can you expect at this time?

Hair transplant – before the effects appear

Before the effects of the hair transplant appear, the scalp must recover from the treatment and the transplanted hair follicles must begin to produce new hair. The initial recovery period is short and takes about 10-14 days. It begins immediately after the end of the surgery, when a bandage is put on the head. Its task is to protect the grafts at the recipient area and the donor area. On the next day the bandage will be removed and the scalp washed  carefully by medical staff. Then a headband is placed on the head to reduce the swelling.

The day after the operation the patient receives in the clinic products for washing and care of the scalp. Additionally the hair washing procedure will be explained thoroughly. From the 11th day on the scabs can be cleaned carefully with the fingertips. Remember to properly care for the area where your hair transplant has been performed. The effect may turn out to be temporary if the hair is not properly cared for after the surgery.

The recovery after a hair transplant is about 1 month. After this time, you can resume normal physical activity like sports. In the following months, however, the hair may be irregular and not too thick. Hair loss after the transplant is also possible. Don’t worry about this – this is normal operation. Falling out hair makes room for the new, much stronger hair.

What do the results of a hair transplant depend on??

The effect of the hair transplant depends primarily on the experience of the medical staff and the method of performing the procedure. Each stage of the hair transplant is successful – from the appropriate collection of grafts, their division depending on the amount of hair in the graft, through the opening of the channels and graft implantation. It is also very important to correctly define the hairline during the consultation. The hairline of patients who have progressive alopecia must not be too low. It should be remembered that the donor area is limited, so by designating a low hairline, we automatically increase the area to be covered with hair in the future. This is done to the detriment of the density, and often it is also impossible to cover the entire head.

It is worth remembering that after the hair transplant, you should carefully follow all the recommendations received at the clinic. Meditravel patients can also find tips on how to proceed after the procedure on our blog. This is important as the effects of hair transplantation depend on how you proceed within 10-30 days after the surgery. Failure to comply with the recommendations, e.g. not taking medications, lack of proper care and exposing the head to high temperatures, water, sun, excessive physical exertion may weaken the effects of the treatment.

Why does it take so long to see the results of the hair transplant?

After the hair transplant, about 80-90% of the visible part of the hair dies and falls out. Only the bulbs remain on the head, from which a new, healthy and strong hair is to grow. This is why you have to wait so long for the results of your hair transplant. Hair has its own internal growth cycle – after the transplant it has to start all over again. The entire process of restoring hair after transplantation is therefore not artificial – it is completely physiological in nature.

Before a hair transplant, many people think that a few months of waiting for the effect is a very long time, but it is also worth noting its advantages. Everything is done very naturally and systematically. Hair grows slowly and regularly, gradually increasing its density.

Hair transplant effect – answers to the most common questions

Hair transplant raises many questions. Most are related to the effect of the treatment. Many people are afraid that despite its implementation, the effect will be unsatisfactory. Hair transplantation helps to combat the symptoms of alopecia. However, it should be remembered that the effect depends on the patient’s donor capacity, the area of ​​the head to be covered and whether the baldness is progressing. Hair transplantation involves taking grafts from the patient’s donor area (usually the occiput) and implanting them in the recipient site, i.e. without hair.

Therefore, the risk of kickback is eliminated. However, there are a few situations in which hair will actually not catch on. A transplant may not be accepted if the hair follicles are improperly stored outside the patient’s skin, damaged or carried out in people with clear contraindications: unregulated diabetes, active neoplastic disease, cardiovascular diseases, certain skin diseases. Also, improper care of the scalp by the patient in the first 14 days after the procedure, scalp injuries and non-compliance with the recommendations received at the clinic may contribute to the failure of the hair transplant procedure.

Patients also often ask if the hair transplant and its long-term effects are visible. For example, does surgery cause scarring that deteriorates your overall appearance. However, scars on the back of the head are a thing of the past. Modern methods of hair transplantation, thanks to their low invasiveness, allow to eliminate them completely. The effects of surgical intervention will not be noticeable even when wearing very short hairstyles.

A common concern before a hair transplant is the naturalness of the effect after the procedure. However, this is nothing to worry about. Transplanted hair grows back while maintaining its naturalness and physiological properties. Moreover, they will also arrange themselves according to the hairstyle you are wearing. All this makes the transplanted hair difficult to distinguish from the natural ones, and the traces of surgical intervention are invisible even to a specialist doctor. It is also worth mentioning that the transplanted hair after 6 months from the procedure can be freely styled and arranged – curling, dyeing, straightening, and subjecting to care treatments. This is especially important for women who decide to have a hair transplant.

Can the transplanted hair fall out?

As we mentioned earlier, your hair may fall out a few weeks after the treatment. This is normal and its purpose is to make room for new strong hair. Once these pop up on your head, they won’t fall out any more. The hair attachment effect is permanent and lasts for the rest of your life. This is due to the fact that grafts transplanted to the front and crown of the head come from the occipital area. The hair that grows there is resistant to the action of the DHT hormone, which is responsible for miniaturization and is the most common cause of baldness.

There is no doubt that hair transplantation is currently the only sure way to recover it. However, the effect of the treatment depends on many factors. One of them is the experience of the medical staff. This is why transplantation should be performed in good clinics. Such treatments are offered by Meditravel. Thanks to our work, many patients can enjoy their lush hair again. Our patients are happy to show before and after hair transplant photos that best reflect the effects of the transplant.

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