5 Facts that you should know about Brody's hair transplantation
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5 facts you should know when considering a beard hair transplant

Beard hair transplant – is it for you? For many men, the beard is a symbol of masculinity. For others, it is its good look or it epitomizes freedom from daily shaving.

In modern times the optical appearance and self-consciousness are getting more and more important. Almost at every corner, we can find a good Barber who cares for a man’s appearance – whether a man dreams of a three-day beard or a lush beard.

What if a man cannot grow a beard?

There are many reasons why men are not happy with the appearance of their beard. Whether he has patchy facial hair,  a problem with his facial hair growth due to genetic reasons, his skin got traumatized from an accident or scars have appeared and have affected his facial hair.

Can he still get an aesthetically looking full beard?

Well yes, you just need to consider a beard hair transplant. A beard hair transplant gives you the guarantee of a natural and permanent beard look.  Do you want to know more about beard hair transplants?

We’ve compiled the top 5 facts you should know when considering a beard transplant:

  • Beard hair transplant candidate

Beard hair transplantation is suitable for a large number of potential candidates. The main consideration for a beard hair transplant is healthy scalp hair and good physical health.

  • The process of beard hair transplantation

Hair follicles (grafts) are initially taken (extracted) from the scalp. Then the surgeon makes incisions (opens channels) in the recipient area, with determining the direction and pattern of the beard. The entire process is performed under local anesthesia. In the next step the grafts get implanted into the channels for a satisfying result.

  • The origin of the transplanted hair

The hair used for a beard transplant is taken primarily from the back side of the scalp, as this is where the thickest hair is found and most closely resembles the stubble that appears on a beard. This hair is also resistant against genetical hair loss.

  • Duration of beard hair transplantation

A beard transplant takes between 3 and 6 hours to complete. However, the exact duration depends on the number of grafts (hair follicles) to be transplanted. Therefore, the time is determined individually before each operation.

  • Recovery from beard hair transplantation

After two days, there is a return to daily life. However, you should not shave for the first 10 days after the procedure. This allows the facial skin to regenerate. You should expect the transplanted hair to fall out after about 15-20 days. However, this is a completely normal process as the hair follicles are preparing themselves for growth and settling in their place. Then after about 8 months you can grow a full beard.

Could there be anything more satisfying for a man than a full, thick beard? Above all, a beard transplant boosts confidence and makes you look younger and more attractive.

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