5 reasons why you should do your nose surgery
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5 most common reasons for a nose correction


There are many different reasons why patients want to change the appearance of their nose. This is because the shape of the nose changes the balance and proportion of the whole face. It causes a change in the way you look and the way you feel. The correction of the nose is called rhinoplasty.

Here are 5 reasons why people consider a nose correction

  1. Change the size of the nose

There are many different concerns that patients have about their nose that they hope to resolve with rhinoplasty. Most commonly, they find that their nose is too long or too large and as a result they consider it to be out of proportion.

During your free consultation you can discuss what you want to change about your nose. You can agree what size nose you want to achieve and the surgeon will advise and show you the options.

  1. Reshape of the nose

If not the size, then it is the shape of the nose that is the reason to consider nose surgery. Whether it’s changing the angle of the nose, reshaping the tip, or straightening the back of the nose if there is a noticeable bump – nose shape surgery can create a more balanced facial appearance, changing the proportions of the entire face.

  1. Straighten the nasal septum

Most people have some sort of imbalance. Small deviations usually do not require any surgical invention as they are unlikely to cause any medical symptoms. This means that a crooked septum is common. However, if it is particularly off-centre, it can cause sinus problems. Such as chronic blocked nose and even difficulty breathing.

  1. Narrowing of the nostrils

Your nose surgery may include reducing the size of your nostrils, which you may think are too wide. This can be really effective in creating more balanced facial proportions, restoring both confidence and overall facial symmetry.

  1. Relieve breathing problems

Sometimes there may be medical reasons why people decide to have a nose job. As we have already mentioned, this may be due to a crooked septum. Nose surgery or septoplasty can help clear your airways. This allows you to breathe more easily.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that although rhinoplasty is a relatively safe and easy procedure, it can take some time to heal. You may be fully healed within a few weeks. But you’ll actually need a year before you can fully appreciate the effect of your surgery.

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