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Am I a good candidate for a beard transplant?

Due to genetic reasons, not every man is able to grow a full looking beard. The process of growing facial hair can be slow, frustrating and still result in thin and patchy areas.
If home remedies haven’t helped, and you’re still struggling to get the look you want, then one of the most effective ways to grow a fuller, thicker and more even beard is a beard hair transplant.

Our partner, the  Clinicana Hair Transplant Center, is located in Istanbul, Turkey. The team is specialized in hair transplantations and is well experienced in performing beard transplants.

Because technology has advanced over time, it is nowadays possible to transplant hair from one part of the head to another one. This allows to transplant hair which resembles the hair of the beard, the cheeks and the jawline. The result is a completely natural looking appearance. The goal is that your beard transplant is not visible.

Every man can be an ideal candidate for a beard hair transplant, but there are a few things to consider. Now you will learn about the general factors that make someone a good candidate for a beard hair transplant:

  • Patients who have enough hair follicles on the backside of the head, the so-called donor area.
  • Men with healthy hair on the scalp.
  • Men with thinning or patchy areas on the beard, mustache, chin or sideburns.
  • Men who already have a full beard, but simply want to grow longer, thicker hair.
  • Individuals with deep, prominent scars on the face. After surgery or another form of trauma, who still want to hide the areas, but hair can not grow. (Depends on individual situation).

If you want to know, if a beard hair transplant is the right choice for you, the best way to find out is to schedule a free online consultation with us. Just submit the contact form found on our website.  To save time you can also directly upload some photos for your beard hair analysis. In your consultation, you can directly learn more about the possibilities for your individual situation.

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