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Are plastic surgery safe?

Plastic surgery procedures are used not only by Hollywood stars, but also by us – “normal people”. Thanks to such procedures as hair transplant, breast or nose surgery, we can get rid of our complexes, improve our mood and beauty. Although these procedures are gaining more and more popular, many of us still wonder: Are plastic surgeries safe? These fears are right, because plastic surgery procedures are operations that, like any other, carry a risk of complications. How high is the risk for complications really? We decided to check it in medical statistics.

What are the dangers of plastic surgery?

Rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, -lift or reduction, hair transplant – plastic surgery offers many attractive treatments to improve your beauty or solve complexes. Thanks to these treatments, however, we not only improve our appearance, but also our mental well-being. It is no secret that our beauty, and exactly how we perceive it, significantly influences our own sense of attractiveness. Although there are many advantages of plastic surgery, it is worth remembering about the dangers that may result from them.

Aesthetic medicine procedures are performed mainly under general anesthesia. This means that you have to take into account the discomfort that may occur after the surgery, as well as possible complications. The most common postoperative symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headaches, swelling, local tenderness, and pain in the treatment area. The fear is additionally aggravated by information about unsuccessful plastic surgeries appearing in the media or the Internet. All this means that many of us give up improving our beauty with surgery, while still struggling with complexes.

Is combining plastic operations safe?

Plastic surgery of the 21st century gives us many opportunities. With its help, we can improve the nose, lips, breasts, the appearance of the abdomen, or get rid of baldness thanks to a hair transplant. More and more women and men decide not to undergo one, but several operations, wanting to comprehensively take care of their beauty and improve its shortcomings. Especially in the case of trips abroad, such as a hair transplant in Turkey, many women and men ask whether it is safe to carry out several treatments at once.

It all depends on the individual health of patients, as well as the type of treatments. If the general condition of the body is good and there are no medical contraindications, the surgeon usually agrees. If there are no contraindications, it is a convenient solution. Its advantage is the fact that one goes to the clinic only once, undergoing anesthesia once, and convalescing once. However, you must bear in mind that the rehabilitation in this case may take longer and be more painful.

For Meditravel safety has the highest priority

There is no doubt that plastic surgery involves risks. However, side effects do not apply to all patients. However, many of the complications can be avoided. As? By choosing a reputable clinic and entrusting yourself to the best specialist.

That is why Meditravel cooperates only with highly qualified personnel and plastic surgeons from the Czech Republic and Turkey in the field of hair transplantation, breast and nose surgery, liposuction and face lifting. They can boast of international qualifications, education, professional preparation and diplomas. The clinics with which Meditravel cooperates have the latest technology equipment. Modern anesthesia machines, as well as amenities such as monitored recovery rooms with adjustable beds and modern bathrooms. All this affects not only the comfort of patients, but also their faster and easier convalescence. The knowledge and skills of surgeons allow the procedure to be performed at the highest level with the reduction of the risk of unwanted complications and side effects.

In addition, patients using Meditravel in the organization of the treatment are assisted by Polish-speaking translators at our Clinics.

Speaking of the clinic itself, it is also impossible not to mention the insurance. So if you want to feel safe, find out if the clinic and the surgeon performing the operations have insurance and what it covers. Also, take care of your own travel insurance. Usually, if you decide to have plastic surgery abroad, you will need to take out a special policy that covers the cost of travel abroad for the medical treatment.

How to reduce the risks of plastic surgery?

Choosing the best clinic and doctor is the first step to reduce the risk of unsuccessful plastic surgery. Another is taking care of your health. A medical consultation is necessary before the procedure. At Meditravel, you can do it comfortably – online. During it, the doctor assesses whether you qualify for the procedure, what method it can be performed and what safety measures will be required. The initial visit is also the time to thoroughly discuss the preparatory procedure for plastic surgery. Make sure you do your research before surgery. The list of examinations is always provided by the doctor and, if necessary, he / she writes a referral for them.

Post-operative care and quick convalescence

Each operation, even as minimally invasive as hair transplant or rhinoplasty, is associated with risk. Problems can occur both during and immediately after surgery. Therefore, in the case of each procedure, the first 24-36 hours, depending on the type and extent of the procedure, the patient spends in the clinic under the watchful eye of medical staff. During this time, we guarantee high-quality care provided by qualified personnel. Our patients recover in individual rooms, where they have access to room service, mini bar, bathroom with amenities. We also provide necessary medications as well as accessories needed for convalescence, e.g. a bandage, postoperative bra and anti-coagulant tights after breast plastic surgery, compression clothes after liposuction.

Consultations several days or weeks after the procedure are also important. This way you can be sure that everything goes according to plan, scars are healed and there is no risk of e.g. inflammation or infectious diseases. However, remember that the success and safety of the procedure also depends on you. You must follow the surgeon’s instructions. And also remember about possible medications and rehabilitation. Otherwise, not only the effects of the surgery may be poor, but also health complications may arise.

Safe plastic surgery abroad

More and more Polish women and men decide to go abroad for plastic surgery, especially in Turkey and the Czech Republic. Many people choose to be an intermediary. At Meditravel, we explain exactly what is within the scope of our competences, as well as what costs you incur. We help at every stage. From online consultation with a surgeon, to returning to the country and convalescence.




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