Bust care from A to Z
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Breast care from A to Z

Breast care is as important as regular examination. Well-kept breasts is one of the assets of the female body. Many women feel confident and beautiful thanks to attractive breasts. The shape and size of breasts is due to genes, but also to proper care. Taking proper care of breasts, you can maintain their attractive appearance for a long time. How to care for breasts to be firm and shapely?

What affects the appearance of the breasts?

The size and shape of the breasts is written in the genes, but the passage of time, pregnancy or weight changes mean that it no longer looks the way it used to. To slow down the effects of gravity, it is necessary to wear properly fitted underwear. Bras that are too loose in circumference and cups in the wrong size will certainly not contribute to maintaining firm breasts. Age is no less important, as breasts change over time and this is inevitable. These changes can be slowed down with proper exercise and grooming.

Choosing the right bra

A bra in the right size is one of the key factors affecting the appearance of breasts. It should be matched not only in terms of size, but also shape. If you are not able to choose a bra on your own or you have doubts whether a given model is really suitable for you, you can take help of a professional bra fitter. This is a person who deals with choosing the perfect bra, thanks to which breasts will be supported in the right way. Wearing the wrong size bra for years can cause back problems, especially if your cup size is quite large.

Cold shower as a way to care for your breasts

If you want to firm your breasts, it is worth using helpful tricks, which do not cost anything and do not take much time, but the effects will be noticeable. We are talking about rinsing your breasts with cold water during the shower. Try to make a habit of pouring cold water over your breasts for a few seconds e.g. at the end of a shower. A cold stream of water increases blood circulation, so it contributes to slowing down the aging process of the skin. After such “treatment” it is worth reaching for a special cosmetic for breast care.

Breast firming exercises

As you know, exercise is a way to firm up your entire body and that includes your breasts. It is a reliable way, however, requiring a greater commitment. Exercises improving the appearance of breasts can be performed at the gym, but nothing stands in the way of training also at home. There are so many possibilities. When training, focus on band exercises that will engage your chest. These can also include lady push-ups. If you know that you are not comfortable with this type of exercise, nothing is lost. A way to get firmer breasts is swimming. You can be sure that the effects will be noticeable quite quickly.

Cosmetics for breast care

It is a very good idea to use a few cosmetics that are designed to take care of your breasts. However, this is not a foolproof way to avoid sagging breasts, but certainly this type of specifics is worth using. The composition of this type of cosmetic should be directed at improving elasticity. Active ingredients with such an effect include Collagen, Vitamin E, or Hyaluronic acid.

Sunscreen protectors

If you want your body and breasts to remain firm and beautiful for as long as possible, avoid stimulants such as cigarettes. Smoking and drinking alcohol to excess will cause your skin to lose its elasticity faster. Also, remember about sunscreen. UV rays significantly contribute to the deterioration of the skin on the neckline, including its faster aging.

Good posture

Not without significance for the appearance of the breasts is also the posture. Notorious hunching has a very negative effect on the breasts, especially if they are in a larger size. Therefore, a straight back is one of the ways to keep breasts in a good condition. The sleeping position is also worth mentioning here. If you are a fan of sleeping on your stomach, you should know that this position throughout the night has a negative impact on the shape of your breasts. Sleeping on your stomach can make your breasts more saggy and less shapely.

Self-examination of the breasts

Part of taking care of the breasts is also their self-examination. It is a very important element, which is often neglected by women. Breast self-examination should be performed even from the age of 20. It is enough if you do it once a month, preferably on the same day of your cycle. Regular performance of this activity can be very helpful, because in case of unfavourable changes at an early stage it allows, for example, to avoid the development of breast cancer. Any disturbing changes should be consulted with your doctor.

Improving the appearance of breasts in aesthetic medicine office

Sometimes, as a result of weight change, pregnancy or many other factors, the bust has irretrievably lost its original shape or size. In this situation, the solution may be breast plastic surgery. Such correction improves the appearance of the bust, its outline and makes the breasts fuller. This type of surgery includes breast augmentation using special breast implants or your own fatty tissue. Breast lift or breast volume reduction can also be performed. Such procedures are offered by world-class clinics of aesthetic medicine, with which Meditravel cooperates. Breast plastic surgeries are about 1/3 cheaper than in most western countries, and at the same time do not differ from them in quality.

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