Treatment of teeth in Turkey - we break myths and prejudices
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Dental treatments in Turkey – breaking down myths and prejudices

The statistics are clear – for many people visiting a dentist is too expensive. Meanwhile, treatment at the National Health Fund does not guarantee a standard that meets expectations. In this situation many of our compatriots are looking for alternative solutions. One of them is dental tourism. It is becoming more and more popular. Low prices encourage to visit dentists in Turkey. However, there are many myths and theories about dental treatment in Turkey, most of them unfavorable. Are they true? Do you have to be afraid of dentists from Turkey?

How much does dental treatment cost in Turkey?

As with any medical procedure, so in the context of dental treatments it is difficult to clearly indicate their price. Everything depends on the clinic chosen, the type of procedure performed and the complexity of treatment. One thing is certain though, dental treatments in Turkey are much cheaper than in most western countries. You can find out about it easily, comparing offers of dental offices in the Internet. Most of the treatments in Turkey are cheaper at least by half. It’s no wonder that dental surgeries in Turkey are very popular. More and more people are willing to undergo treatments in Turkey to get a beautiful smile.

Is it worth having a dental treatment in Turkey?

Despite lower prices of dental care, many people from western countries are still afraid of dental treatments in Turkey. These fears are most often attributed to the opinions that Ukrainian dentistry gained back in the 90s of the last century. What are the most common fears of compatriots? As the greatest fears they mention: work with equipment in poor technical condition, inexperienced doctors, language difficulties, poor sanitary and hygienic conditions in offices.  However, as practice shows, such opinions are only myths and do not translate into reality. Nowadays the treatments in Turkey are performed in private dental clinics of high western standards. People who have undergone their dental treatment in Turkey admit, that the standards and equipment often surpass the ones from many western countries. Hygiene and safety rules are very high. The equipment and used materials from the latest and highest standards.

What is dental treatment like in Turkey?

You can opt for dental treatment in Turkey no matter what dental problem you want to solve. The basic offer includes porcelain crowns, implants, veneers. Initial consultation and determination of the treatment plan can be done online. In order to do so, you will need to provide a pantomographic image (X-ray of your teeth) and photographic images of your smile. The online way will make the whole process faster, easier and more efficient. By putting yourself under the care of also your whole journey will go smoothly. As part of our services we provide a guide, proven dental surgeries, hotel accommodation and catering. The scope of care can be tailored to your needs, choosing between several packages available. How much time you will spend in dental clinic depends on the procedures. The trip usually lasts a whole week, and the patient spends several hours a day in the dental chair.

More and more people decide on dental tourism. Thanks to it, dental treatment does not ruin the household budget.  It is a myth that you go to Turkey to have your teeth treated by veterinarians or doctors without studies. Reputable clinics offer the highest standards, not differing from any other countries in western Europe. If you are afraid of organizing the trip on your own or choosing a proven clinic and subsequent communication with the dentist, it is worth using services of specialized companies such as

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