Hair transplant in summer
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Hair transplantation during summer

A hair transplant procedure can be scheduled regardless of the time of year. The ideal time for a hair transplant is when the patient feels ready for the procedure. Doctors at Clinicana in Turkey claim that hair transplant operations can be performed 12 months of the year. In doing so, they point out the false facts about hair transplants during the summer months and unanimously say that patients can enjoy a peaceful holiday both after and before the procedure. If the hair transplant is carried out by specialists in the field.

What to consider

Hair grows faster during the summer season and the rate of skin regeneration also increases. After a hair transplant, it is only necessary to properly protect the delicate scab and the reddened scalp from UV light. There are no contraindications for undergoing a hair transplantation procedure in summer. As long as the patient properly follows the post-treatment instructions. The advantage of the latest hair transplantation methods, such as sapphire micro FUE and DHI, used by our Turkish specialists have a shorter recovery time. Transplanted hair starts to grow back within 3-4 months. Therefore, by performing the transplant in summer, you can welcome the New Year with your desired hairstyle, better look and high self-esteem. Hair transplant in Turkey will guarantee you high quality and low price.

Doctors’ opinion on hair transplantation during summer

According to doctors at the Clinicana clinic in Turkey, hair transplant surgery during the summer is not an obstacle to spending holidays at the seaside. Patients can swim in the sea, as sea water speeds up wound healing. The only thing to remember is to wear appropriate headgear. Many of our patients combine a holiday with a hair transplant in Turkey. When you plan your summer holiday, you can plan your Turkey hair transplant accordingly by booking a return flight from one of Turkey’s seaside resorts to our clinic in Istanbul.

Combine your hair transplant with a summer holiday

Every summer, we perform hair transplant procedures on hundreds of patients who often combine their trip with a prior holiday on the Turkish Riviera.

Don’t wait, go on holiday to Turkey and get your hair transplant treatment at the same time! A hair transplant in Turkey is the best solution for you, if you are want a solution against hair loss and increasing baldness!

You can enjoy the sea and sun on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. There are resorts such as Antalya, Alanya, Cesme, Bodrum, Kemer at your disposal. You can also visit historical cities such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, Safranbolu. Then in the last two days of your holiday plan time for a hair transplant in Istanbul.

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