Hair transplantation is the only effective solution to baldness
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Hair transplantation is the only effective solution against hair loss and baldness

Hair loss is a complicated problem. There can be many reasons for this. The causes of hair loss also depend on gender. 

In men, genetics is considered the main cause for hair loss. There are also additional factors such as stress, age, illness, medication or environmental factors. 

In women, on the other hand, hair loss is linked to hormonal imbalances, stress, lifestyle, pregnancy, breastfeeding, emotional shock, illness, medication as well as genetics and environmental factors. 

In addition, the use of intensive hair colouring products can accelerate the hair loss process.

Hair transplantation is the only effective solution to fight baldness. It is a procedure in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Hair transplantation procedure consists in transferring hair follicles from donor areas, i.e. areas of the body which are not subject to baldness, to recipient areas, i.e. areas without hair. 

Both men and women undergo this procedure. We carry out hair transplants not only to supplement the loss of hair on the scalp, but also to eyebrows, moustaches and beards.

We organise hair transplant procedures taking place in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Our patients can count on our assistance before and after the procedure, as we do not limit ourselves to organising only the operation. Our medical consultants and care takers are waiting for you on the spot and will help you in every matter. That is why you do not have to worry about any language barrier when travelling with us. We have a personal approach to every patient. The most important thing for us is the satisfaction of our patients.

Why Turkey? you may ask. Turkey is the world leader in hair transplantation. It is in Turkey that the procedure can be performed for much less, while maintaining the highest standards and quality. Combine the performance of a hair transplant procedure with an unforgettable holiday. Our clinic and hotel are an additional advantage. Both the clinic and the hotel are very luxurious places, which will add charm to the whole trip. 

Turkey, especially Istanbul is a very friendly place where you can see the multiculturalism of the city everywhere. 

Turks are very friendly and hospitable nation. In every place we can count on the help of a complete stranger. Turks are eager to present their country, culture and interesting places to tourists.

Coming to Turkey for a hair transplantation treatment gives the possibility to have the treatment combined with a holiday. 

Turkey is a world leader in hair transplantation, thanks to the professional staff of the Clinic our patients are very satisfied with the quality of our services. 

 We are Partner of one of the best Aesthetic Clinics in Turkey which specializes in hair transplantation. Our partner is Clinicana Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul. Thousands of people have already had transplants done at this clinic. Professional staff with many years of experience and world certificates make the quality of their services at the highest level. 

Patients come to Clinicana from all over the world. Mainly from Australia, Canada, South Korea, USA, Western Europe and now more and more often from Poland. 

Clinicana Hair Transplant Center is located in a hospital on Taksim Square, on the European side of the city. Our hospital has many internationally accredited medical certificates and is the most modern hospital in Turkey.  

Clinicana uses the latest and most effective hair transplantation methods such as the micro FUE (Sapphire) method and DHI. 

Clinicana has great doctors in its team who have a huge level of expertise. Additionally, Turkey is one of the leading countries in performing hair transplants. This is mainly due to the skills of the specialist doctors, who use the latest global technologies that give guaranteed results. 

The equipment and devices used by our team meet the highest international medical accreditations. When treating hair loss successfully, the highest quality standards are ensured at our Clinic.

Probably the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is the lowest in the world while maintaining the highest quality. An additional advantage is the location of our clinic. The wonderful metropolis of Istanbul. Thanks to the fact that it is a minimally invasive procedure, the trip can be combined with sightseeing of the city. 

The stay in Turkey

Both the Clinic and the hotel are high-class, very modern and luxurious places. Our patients are also provided with transportation from and to the airport. 

During their stay in Turkey, Our Patients are provided with a stay in a luxurious 4-star hotel located in the centre of Istanbul, close to the Clinic. The hotel has modern and spacious rooms. Our offer includes breakfast and dinner. Guests of the hotel also have a spa & wellness area and a gym at their disposal.  The hotel is located 2 minutes away from the Clinic. From the hotel, additionally, Our Patients have an organised shuttle service, both to the hospital and to the most touristic places in Istanbul.  

You must arrive in Istanbul for a minimum of 3 days, 2 nights to be exact. The packages we offer include double rooms, so each Patient can bring a companion with them. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, so you can also fly alone without any problem.  However, despite the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, a loved one will be a great support during the transplant.

Our patients are very brave. Many of them are travelling abroad for the first time, flying on a plane, and that is why we are here. To help you as much as possible, to organise everything, to take care of everything, so that you are less stressed. The arrival, the operation, the removal of bandages are all tailored to the patient. 

The hair transplantation procedure takes about 7 hours with breaks for meals and toilet. During the procedure most patients relax by watching movies or listening to music. Patients have access to free Wi-Fi throughout the hospital. We therefore recommend that you take headphones with you. You can also sleep during the treatment.  

You will need to prepare yourself for the treatment. Ten days before the procedure, patients stop taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs. You should also stop drinking alcohol for about a week before the procedure. 

Upon arrival in Turkey, on the same day, each Patient undergoes blood analysis. Before the procedure a consultation with a surgeon also takes place, during which our patients together with the doctor determine the level of the frontal hairline. 

Additional detailed information is provided to the Patients after the online consultation. 

The treatment can be divided into several parts. During the procedure local anaesthesia, collection and preparation of grafts, opening of canals and graft implantation are performed.

Grafts are taken from the back, lower part of the head. During the procedure we take as many grafts as possible to cover the area of hair loss. However, the amount of grafts, hair follicles taken depends on the availability of hair in the donor area, its density and also the size of the donor area from which hair will be taken. 

Usually about 3000-3500 to even 5000 grafts are transplanted if the donor area is sufficient. Each graft contains from one to four hairs, therefore the number of transplanted single hairs is about 10 000-12 000. 

Hair type does not disqualify a patient for the procedure. We have experience with any colour of the patient’s hair – red, black, brown, blonde, white, grey etc. Hair colour does not affect the quality of the transplant. In addition, our specialists can work with both straight and curly hair. 

Hair transplantation procedures can be performed by doctors with a specialisation in plastic surgery or dermatology.

The doctor working in our Clinic is a world-renowned plastic surgeon. 

Professor of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery Dr Soner Tatlidede. He gained his experience in the United States, Germany and France. Dr. Soner was also a research fellow at Harvard Medical School “Massachusetts General Hospital” from 2006 to 2007. In 2007 he received the Basic Research Support Award from the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation. On the other hand, in 2009 he received the title of Associate Professor, passed the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS) exam and earned the European Plastic Surgery Proficiency Certificate. 

There are various departments of medicine in our hospital, not only aesthetic medicine. We have a cardiology department, a dermatology department, an intensive care unit, etc. Therefore, if the patient has any additional illness, surgery is not completely excluded. You must inform us of this at the outset. Specialists will decide whether there are any contraindications to perform the surgery and will have time to prepare additional staff for the operation. 

Specialists in our clinic have great experience, so our patients are always satisfied with the results of the surgery. 

Each hairline is individual, that is why our patients together with their doctors just before the surgery determine the best position of the new, first hairline. When determining the new hairline, the distribution of the muscles on the forehead, the general facial structure and age are taken into account. Hair cannot be transplanted into the forehead muscles, for both aesthetic and physical reasons. Firstly, the patient’s appearance will be unnatural in this situation, and secondly, the hair will most likely not grow. Grafts are segregated after collection. Grafts with single hairs are implanted in the first hairline, so that the appearance of the Patient is very natural. 

Hair transplantation can be performed on an adult, in due time taking into account the progress of baldness. If the patient is healthy and there are no health contraindications which may limit or completely prevent hair growth, then the transplantation can be performed as much as possible, in people between 20-80 years old. 

Hair transplantation procedure can be performed by means of many methods. In our clinic some of the most modern and at the same time the safest and the most effective methods are used. Two main methods are described by me below. 

Micro FUE method

Micro FUE hair transplantation method is one of the most modern methods of hair transplantation. The effect achieved with this method is natural and the period of convalescence is short. 

In the micro FUE method all necessary hair structures are transplanted, including stem cells which are responsible for its growth. 

This method involves taking grafts from the donor zone and then implanting them in the recipient zone. Each graft contains from 1 to 4 hairs. 

The micro FUE method uses sapphire blades, which makes the regeneration process much shorter and reduces the number of scabs. Our experienced staff use sapphire blades to make micro punctures. As a result, it is possible to arrange the grafts closer together, which increases the density of the hair and creates a natural look. 

After using this method, only small and scattered micro-scars remain, which are practically invisible. As a result, patients have no problem wearing very short hair. The procedure is painless and performed under local anaesthesia.  

DHI method

Hair transplantation using the DHI method is one of the most advanced techniques used for hair transplantation. 

This method is based on the same extraction process as in the FUE method, but on a different implantation process. It is performed with the use of special implantation devices, so called pens (Choi). With their help a better control of depth as well as direction of implantation of grafts in the skin is achieved. 

The difference between the two methods lies in the method of implantation. In the DHI technique, site creation and graft implantation are performed at the same time. Extraction and implantation are combined as part of a one- or two-step process, graft transplantation occurs directly into the recipient areas without the need to create canal incisions in the donor area. 

The DHI hair transplant technique has many advantages. The most important of these is the complete guarantee of no scarring. In this method, scars do not occur because no incisions are made, which plays a special role when transplanting hair in the facial area. Another advantage of this method is that there is no need to shave the head completely. The DHI method is also used to increase hair density by implanting hair follicles between existing hairs. Additionally, when there is no need to shave the head for the procedure, the doctor can accurately assess the angle of hair growth and position each follicle individually. 

The recovery period after a procedure performed with the DHI method is also shorter than with the FUE method. The procedure is equally painless and performed under local anaesthesia. 

PRP treatment

During the hair transplantation procedure, we also perform PRP treatment for our patients. This treatment is painless. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a platelet rich plasma. 

Such a treatment supports regenerative processes and thus improves the speed of healing of the donor sites. PRP treatment also stimulates hair growth, reduces hair loss and improves the final effect of the treatment. Blood platelets play a very important role in the healing process as well as regeneration. 

In addition, PRP therapy normalises the function of sebaceous glands in hair follicles. It also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. 

The PRP treatment should not be feared, it is safe as the patient’s blood is taken to perform it. 

In our Clinic the PRP treatment is performed during hair transplantation. Due to the fact that platelet rich plasma at that very time has the greatest influence on the healing process. 

Over the next few weeks after the treatment, the new transplanted hair will both grow and fall out. You should not worry about this, it is completely normal. The most important thing is that the new hair roots are located in the scalp. The first new hairs start growing from the third or fourth month. Their growth will be most visible after about six months. The final effect of the treatment will be noticeable between nine and twelve months after the transplant. 

After evaluation by our specialists, candidates for hair transplantation set a convenient date for their surgery. Surgery dates depend on the availability of the patient and the doctors at the Clinic. 

Any interested person can schedule a free consultation with our office. Our care does not end after the hair transplantation procedure. We are in constant contact with our patients and monitor the effects of the procedure. Many patients have additional questions, therefore they can contact us at any time. 

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