What to do to make your hair faster?
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What can be done to make hair grow faster?

Hair is a modern beauty attribute. A head full of hair boosts self-confidence and defines style. Not only women but men also dream of beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy perfect hair. Many women and men have problems with them. One of the main ones is slow hair growth. How to deal with it?

How fast does hair grow?

Every human being is born with a total number of hair follicles – which they will have throughout their lives. On average, there are about 100,000 hair follicles on our head. However, not all of them “produce” hair all the time. Over time, some of these follicles stop working, our hair thins and we start to go bald. Properly functioning follicles make hair grow at the rate of 1.27 cm per month. However, the rate of growth is always individual and depends on factors such as age, hair type, general health, hair care and diet. However, regardless of how fast hair grows, the growth process takes place in three phases: anagen, catalogue and telogen.

Can hair growth be accelerated?

The question of how to accelerate hair growth is one of the most frequently asked questions to Uncle Google. In response, the search engine offers many recipes, which tell you what to eat, how to care for, wash, cut or comb your hair to make it grow faster. There are also tips on how to make your hair thicker. However, there are no miracle cures to accelerate hair growth. Cosmetics and diet can only help the process. Whether or not a particular method works depends on individual factors, such as your hair’s needs and how susceptible it is to the ingredients you provide it with. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all advice – you have to choose a method to accelerate hair growth according to your own needs, which is best done through trial and error.

To sum up, if you want to accelerate hair growth, you need to strengthen the hair matrix and hair follicles. However, you need to care not only for your hair, but also for your scalp.

What slows down hair growth?

Most of us look for ways to speed up our hair, forgetting to eliminate the causes that slow it down. And there are quite a few of them. The first one, which is difficult to fight, is genes. The next are:

  • stress
  • overtiredness and insufficient sleep
  • unbalanced diet
  • hormonal disorders (low estrogen level, high testosterone level, low thyroid hormone level)
  • smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Exposure of hair to sun, high and low temperatures, chlorinated water
  • Use of hair cosmetics containing irritating and drying ingredients.

These factors not only slow down hair growth, but can also lead to a significant deterioration of hair condition, i.e. weakness, brittleness and hair loss. The consequences of prolonged stress, for example, may also be thin hair.

What can accelerate hair growth?

There is no shortage of ways to speed up hair growth. It is best to test all of them and choose those, which work for you. The methods listed below may be combined. However, you need to remember that their effects are noticeable only with regular and systematic use. Often it is necessary to wait for the results, even for several months. Sometimes, home remedies never work, and one has to reach for more “invasive” methods proposed by aesthetic medicine. The most effective is hair transplantation with the use of DHI or FHU method. Such procedure can be performed using services of Meditravel. Hair transplantation in Turkey allows to make hair thicker, to get rid of hair bends, baldness. You can find out more about hair transplantation in FAQ Meditravel, as well as by contacting our specialists – mail or phone.

Hair growth supplements

The most popular home remedy for hair growth is a hair rub. This term covers all herbal liquids (herbal oils, serums, tonics), which are rubbed into the scalp. The most effective hair growth products are those based on birch sap, nettle and field horsetail.

Masks for hair growth

Hair growth masks are just as easy to apply as wipes. They are inexpensive, easy to apply and use only natural ingredients in proportions tailored to your own preferences. The mask is applied immediately after shampooing by gently rubbing it in and then wrapping the hair tightly with a towel. Rinse after a few minutes with plenty of water. Avocado, castor oil, paraffin and egg masks can be used for hair growth.

Yeast drink for hair growth

A yeast drink is also often recommended for hair growth. Its effectiveness is attributed to the rich composition of yeast. They contain B vitamins, potassium, selenium, copper, chromium, zinc and phosphorus. These substances are extremely important for hair. You can prepare a yeast drink on your own with fresh or instant yeast. It is recommended to consume 5 g fresh or 2 g dry. The yeast is poured into boiling water, stirred until dissolved, and then drunk unsweetened.

Hair growth supplements

Supplements are another way to speed up hair growth. These are available in drugstores and pharmacies. However, many of them are highly criticised. Their opponents point out that hair growth supplements are not only expensive but also ineffective. Often, if they have any effect, it ends when you stop taking them. However, the advantage of these specifics is that they actually replenish vitamins and trace elements that are missing from the diet.  They can therefore be seen as a rescue plan and as a supplement to a healthy diet and proper care.

Hair growth supplements can take the form of tablets as well as teas. They usually contain field horsetail, nettle, flax seeds, calendula flowers and B vitamins.

A diet for hair growth

The condition of hair is strongly influenced by what we eat and drink. A proper diet can therefore accelerate hair growth and also improve the appearance of the hair. The most important ingredient for a beautiful head of hair is iron. According to the recommendations, men should consume 8 mg of this element, whereas women 18 mg. Sources of iron are leguminous vegetables, meat, dried fruit and dairy products. Its assimilability will increase if it is consumed in the company of products rich in vitamin C.

An equally important component of a diet for hair growth is protein. It is protein that builds hair. Protein is found in large quantities in animal products such as fish, dairy products, eggs, meat, as well as legumes and grains.

For hair growth you should also eat plenty of foods rich in B vitamins. You can include them in your diet by eating salmon, eggs and dairy products. Another important dietary ingredient for hair growth is zinc, which is found in groats, seeds, cocoa, and yellow cheese. The diet for accelerated hair growth must also not forget copper, magnesium, senna, vitamins A, E and C and unsaturated fatty acids.

Scalp massage for hair growth

Hair growth is accelerated by stimulating the roots. The best way to do that is a scalp massage. The massage improves the scalp’s blood supply and is relaxing. After the massage, the scalp becomes relaxed, which facilitates blood flow and the supply of valuable nutrients to the scalp. You can do the scalp massage yourself using a brush. The treatment should only last a few minutes and should be performed regularly.

Care for hair growth

Home remedies for hair growth also include proper hair care. Hair should be washed in moderately warm water and rinsed with a cool stream. Use appropriate shampoos and do not forget to apply conditioners and masks. It is best if all cosmetics come from the same line. Hair care products should be adjusted to the type of hair – curly, oily, colour-treated or dry. The care should be supported by cleansing shampoos and scalp scrubs.

Oil for hair growth

Oiling has been a very fashionable treatment for several seasons now. It can be done at home. It helps to take care of the condition of hair roots and stimulates them to growth. Hair can be oiled with different oils, e.g. regenerating oils or oils that stimulate hair bulbs to grow. The latter include sweet almond oil, linseed oil, black cumin oil, jojoba oil and sea buckthorn oil.

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