How to choose a hair transplant clinic
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How to choose a hair transplant clinic?

Hair transplantation is an increasingly popular aesthetic medicine procedure. More and more men decide to undergo it, but women do not avoid it either. It allows to effectively fight baldness, improve self-confidence and get rid of complexes. Great interest in hair treatments has resulted in more and more aesthetic medicine clinics offering them. Polish patients may use the offer of both domestic and foreign ones. How to choose the best one? What should you look for?

How to choose a clinic for aesthetic surgeries?

There is no shortage of aesthetic surgery clinics. It would seem that this makes it easier to choose the one where you want to have your hair transplanted. After all, with a wide range on offer, it is easier to make a choice. Nothing could be further from the truth! Apparently, all clinics of aesthetic medicine offering hair transplantation look the same, and what is more, their offer is almost identical. Does this mean that hair transplantation can be performed in any of them? Not really! It is worth deciding for the best one!

In order to avoid disappointment, the transplantation clinic must be well screened or entrust this task to Meditravel. Choosing a good clinic is the basis of a successful procedure and achieving the results you dream of. Experienced doctors, medical technicians, good equipment and proven but modern methods will guarantee the best hair transplantation results.

What to look for when choosing a hair transplant clinic?

The success of a hair transplant depends on many factors. You should take all of these into account when choosing the best clinic to undergo the procedure. However, there are some factors that are more important than others. These include the medical staff and modern scar-free hair transplantation techniques. Although hair transplantation is not an invasive or health-threatening procedure nowadays, it requires precision and experience. It is therefore the individual skills and experience of the medical staff performing the transplantation that determine whether the procedure will be successful and what its outcome will be.

When using the offer of foreign hair transplantation clinics, it is advisable to choose a centre with a Polish-speaking consultant. A good approach to the patient is also reflected in the comprehensive care provided. This includes pre-transplantation consultations, care during the transplantation and afterwards. You should have regular contact with the medical staff, as well as with the organiser of the transplantation procedure. It is good if this contact is possible via e-mail, chat, website, social media and also by traditional telephone.

How to verify a hair transplant clinic?

Not only the medical staff, but also the clinic itself should be verified. In addition to good appearance, the best clinic should also be able to boast of advanced technical facilities, such as the clinic with which Meditravel cooperates. Modern equipment allows to perform transplantation procedures more effectively, with greater safety, hygiene. Taking care of your health, it is good to use only places that guarantee high sterility – this is even more important in the era of COVID-19. In a good clinic, doctors and medical staff should wear protective masks, gloves, caps, disinfection should be carried out regularly. Confirmation of compliance with safety and hygiene standards will be accreditations and certificates. For establishments of aesthetic medicine the most important will be JCI-ISO, which has a clinic, in which procedures of hair transplantation are performed by Meditravel.

There is no denying that one of the most important parameters for choosing the best clinic is the prices it offers. Hair transplantation is not a cheap procedure, therefore many people look for a reasonable compromise between quality and price. Such can be achieved by using the offer of foreign clinics. In Turkish clinics, the price of hair transplantation is about 1/3 lower than in most European countries, while the procedure itself is of a higher standard than in those. Turkey is the best place for hair transplantations. The medical technicians are highly qualified and have much experience. If a transplant is nevertheless to be carried out in the home country, it should be remembered that a warning sign in contrast to Turkey is a too low price. This may indicate that the transplant is being performed by inadequately qualified, inexperienced people, which will undoubtedly affect the quality and result of the operation.

How to choose a foreign clinic for hair transplantation?

More and more people decide to have a hair transplant abroad. In such a situation, the organization of a transplantation trip is often entrusted to a company such as Meditravel, which cooperates only with the best clinics, which it has personally checked and selected. To help your audit, you can check in addition to the Meditravel website also social media, Youtube, forums and blogs, where you can find opinions and reviews about the clinic and Meditravel.

The company organising the transplantation trip should also undergo a similar verification. A thorough check of the website, verification whether it operates in accordance with the law – it is entered in the register of entrepreneurs, checking opinions on Google and forums is essential.

However, these should be as favourable as possible. When using medical intermediation, one expects help and comprehensive support. Therefore, you should make sure what services are offered as part of cooperation. Most companies offer various packages. Standard packages usually include a medical consultation, hair transplantation formalities, the procedure itself and accommodation. There are also packages which include the purchase of flight tickets.

Hair transplantation in central Europe?

There is no shortage of aesthetic medicine clinics offering hair transplants. In recent years they have been springing up like mushrooms after the rain. They are mainly located in big cities and, apart from hair transplantation, offer a wide range of beauty treatments for body and face. They offer hair transplantation with traditional methods to people suffering from baldness.

Unfortunately, the prices of these procedures are often very high. As a result, not many people can afford a hair transplant in their home country. It is also worth remembering, that although hair transplantation is developing rapidly nowadays, it has not such a long history in many countries as for example in Turkey.

Why do a hair transplant abroad?

When considering which hair transplant clinic to choose, you should also consider those located abroad. Hair transplant clinics in Turkey should be mentioned first here. Their experience in the field of hair transplantation is very large – in Istanbul the first hair transplants were carried out already in the 19th century. Today Turkish hair transplant clinics are considered to belong to the best world wide. Their high level standards are confirmed by prestigious accreditations such as JCI (Joint Commission International). The clinics are staffed by highly competent medical personnel, apply the most modern transplantation methods and use innovative equipment. This means that by using Turkish clinics, you can count on expert and professional care.

Hair transplant clinic in Turkey – meet the best one

Meditravel can help you in choosing a high quality clinic in Turkey. Our company has been organising and overseeing hair transplant treatments over the Bosphorus for years. We only work with the best centres such as the Clinicana hair transplant clinic. They have an experienced and certified team of hair transplant technicians, doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses. Hair transplantation procedures are performed under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Soner Tadlidede.

Modern equipment and international accreditations such as JCI-ISO confirm the safety of transplantation procedures performed in the clinic. In addition, the clinic boasts sensational hair transplant results, which it regularly publishes on social media and on its website. Thanks to this, from month to month there are more and more satisfied patients from Poland and all over the world, who can enjoy beautiful hair thanks to Meditravel.

Hair transplant clinic

If you notice that your hair is no longer as thick as it used to be, it is worth considering a professional treatment. The most common causes of hair loss include androgenetic alopecia, stress, illness and various accidents leading to damage to the scalp. In each of these situations specialists, whose help we provide, will be able to find an optimal method of transplantation. Thanks to the mediation of Meditravel, the best clinic performing hair transplantation is available for everyone.

Deciding on the procedure against baldness of the scalp, it is worth to make sure that specialists carrying out the operation guarantee access to effective methods of treatment. At Meditravel, we only work with facilities that care about the highest quality standards, which have innovative technologies and years of experience. The best hair transplant clinic is both the certainty of an effective treatment and comfort before, during and after it. Thanks to the achievements of science, all surgeries are performed without pain and scars, which is possible, among others, thanks to modern FUE and DHI techniques.

You can recognise a good medical facility by the fact that it is willing to boast about its past achievements. That is why in Meditravel we proudly present the effects of treatments we have organised for our clients, juxtaposing the photos before the operation with those in which the effects are already visible. A reliable clinic specialising in hair transplantation guarantees satisfaction with the results. The best transplantation surgery is one that is recommended without hesitation by previous patients of a specific clinic.

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