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Plastic surgery in the Czech Republic – is it worth it?

Research shows that Polish women and men are increasingly willing to undergo plastic surgery. The top procedures include liposuction, breast enlargement and nose correction. Many men are also opting for hair transplants. The popularity of aesthetic medicine treatments is due to their increasing availability, as well as much lower prices than a few years ago. According to the Beauty Price index ranking, Poland is in the top 15 of the cheapest countries in the world in terms of beauty care costs. However, the Czech Republic is a true eldorado for amateurs of improving their appearance. What do they offer and how to arrange a nose correction or breast plastic surgery in our southern neighbours?

Relatively cheap, but not the cheapest

The Beauty Price index states which countries are attractive destinations for medical tourism. The european eldorado is the Czech Republic. Other countries that rank high in the Beauty Price index are: Vietnam, India, South Africa, Thailand and Egypt. In the last five, i.e. as the most expensive countries for plastic surgery, the list indicates Finland, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Venezuela.

Medical tourism in the Czech Republic

The popularity of medical tourism in the Czech Republic has a long tradition.  Until recently, the Czech Republic was associated primarily with eye operations. Many people  have undergone cataract operations in the Czech Republic – as they have to wait shorter and the costs of the procedure are cheaper. Today, people travel to the Czech Republic not only to treat eye diseases, but also for aesthetic surgeries. The costs of such procedures as nose correction, breast surgeries, liposuction or face lifting are much lower in the Czech Republic than in most other countries. Moreover, the quality-to-price ratio means that Czechs are perceived as world experts in aesthetic medicine, across and outside of Europe.

Aesthetic medicine is all about quality

There is no denying that we undergo aesthetic medicine procedures in order to look better. Therefore, we expect satisfying results, which match our expectations and dream. There is no room for poor quality in aesthetic medicine. Therefore the partner clinics of Meditravel are well chosen and belong to the best clinics of the country. They offer world-class equipment and services of experienced surgeons. Not without importance is also the fact that the staff is nice and helpful, and in case of communication issues we are happy to provide you a translator.

The high quality of services are connected with a wide variety of possible surgeries. Among the most popular are nose corrections (rhinoplasty), breast surgeries, liposuction and face lifting.

Prices definitely not European

The popularity of Czech clinics is due not only to the quality of their services but also to the prices they offer. These certainly cannot be described as European. They are much lower than in other countries of the old continent. What is more, the costs of plastic surgery in the Czech Republic are nearly 30% lower than in most european countries. For example, a breast augmentation costs 2,899 €, a nose job 1,999 € and a face lift costs 2,499 €. It is worth noting that these prices include not only the procedure, but also initial consultation, hotel and drugs. The whole procedure is supervised by Meditravel, so the patient does not have to worry about anything. So it is a comfortable form of taking care of your beauty.

Low prices combined with a wide variety of offers and high quality cause that many people travel to the Czech Republic for their plastic surgeries. If you are interested in a plastic surgery in the Czech Republic, just fill out our contact form and receive a free consultation and your offer. You will find all important information at

Safety – how is it abroad?

Despite the popularity of plastic surgery abroad, many people still fear it. One of the most recurring concerns is safety. Our consultants often receive questions about whether breast surgeries in the Czech Republic are safe or if face liftings in Prague have any risks of complications. Meditravel guarantees that it works with the best clinics on the market. They have high quality equipment, employ experienced surgeons and medical staff, have the required certificates and approvals, and carefully follow hygiene rules.

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