Long hair and their loss
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Long hair and hair loss

Does long hair make it fall out? In fact, many people believe that the answer is yes; it is common – especially among men – to worry about hair loss and baldness when they find too much hair on their pillow or after a shower. These symptoms cause many men to ask about the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey. But when you have long hair … does it fall out more? Is this true?

Before proceeding with any treatment, the most important thing is to consult an expert and of course to find out the real causes of hair loss. Because the fact is that we should worry more about our lifestyle or our hairstyle than our hair length. Let’s find out why.

Does hair length affect baldness?

Will more hair fall out when it is long? Why does long hair fall out…? There are many myths circulating on the internet and among people about hair loss and baldness and this is undoubtedly one of them. There is no scientific basis to support the belief that long hair and hair loss or even baldness are related. In fact, the causes of baldness are more related to internal factors, including our genetic heritage.

One thing we must take into account when dealing with this problem is that hair loss is not released along its shaft but in its root, specifically in the hair bulb, which is located under the skin. Hair loss can be influenced by internal factors such as stress, hormonal changes in our body, disease, poor diet and especially genetic factors. But in no way does the root of the hair weaken just because the hair is long.

You may say “OK, but why does short hair look stronger?”. Well, actually when we cut our hair, we cut off the part that was most exposed to external factors and aggression and leaving in the skin the one that was better protected and also newer. Therefore, logically our cut hair will look healthier… but this has nothing to do with the strength or health of the root or bulb of the hair.

So why does long hair fall out so often?

So why does my long hair fall out… or so it seems? There are reasons that can cause hair to fall out in people with long hair, but for different reasons. For example, long hair has more mass and gets tangled more easily, so it’s relatively easy to pull it out when combing… But that doesn’t mean we have a problem with baldness.

Another factor that can be very important in explaining hair loss in men or women with long hair is the hairstyle . People with long hair sometimes use aggressive hairstyles to collect their hair, such as braids, buns, and dreadlocks… causing strong tension on the hair, which can cause damage to the hair roots if used for a long time. In the long run, these hairstyles cause damage to the hair follicles and even the so-called traction alopecia. 

What can I do to save my long hair?

Although we often don’t pay attention to it, hair always needs looking after, and this is especially important if you have long hair. Healthy lifestyle habits (such as regular exercise, avoiding tobacco, alcohol and stress, getting enough sleep…), a balanced diet , not abusing dyes or hairsprays and especially good hair hygiene – washing it every 2 or 3 days and using a good hair conditioner – are the best keys to consider to keep your hair healthy.

In conclusion: does long hair lead to hair loss? The answer is no, but don’t forget to always take care of your hair. If you notice excessive hair loss, you should seek advice by an expert. 

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