Medical indications for the nose surgery
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Medical indications for rhinoplasty

Plastic surgery of the nose, otherwise known as rhinoplasty, is one of the most popular treatments of aesthetic medicine. And no wonder, because the nose is a common cause of complexes. It seems to be too big, too small, crooked, crooked. All these “defects” can be improved by plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty is not only to make our nose look like the one from our dreams, in some situations it is a necessity. When is this the case? What are the medical indications for rhinoplasty?

When is plastic surgery performed on the nose?

Plastic surgery is a procedure performed for both aesthetic and health reasons. People who just want to improve the appearance of the middle part of the face usually choose to enhance or shorten one part of the nose. Doctors working with Meditravel can enlarge the nose, adjust the size of the nasal holes, make the nose less pointy, skinnier, larger. You can read more about what your options are under the nose plastics tab, and if you have any further questions, just get in touch with our specialists who can provide any additional information.

Rhinoplasty may also be recommended for medical reasons. Indications for it are various types of abnormalities. It is worth remembering that in such cases rhinoplasty may also be performed outside Poland, e.g. in renowned aesthetic medicine clinics in Prague.

What are the medical indications for nose surgery?

Rhinoplasty is performed on people injured in accidents and with congenital nose defects. Most often, rhinoplasty is performed for health reasons, if the septum is crooked. This defect causes problems with breathing, which reduces the comfort of life. A patient with a crooked septum also suffers from numerous throat and sinus infections and a frequent runny nose. This defect can also cause problems with distinguishing smells.

Plastic surgery of the nose after injuries and accidents is usually aimed at restoring the original bone structure and filling the defects with implants or cartilage.

Psychological indications for nose surgery?

It is worth remembering that as medical indications for rhinoplasty are considered not only those related to disease or injury. Medicine also attaches great importance to the psyche. Nose correction is also performed to achieve a better well-being of the patient. The most common reasons for plastic surgery of this part of the body is disproportionately large nose (in relation to the rest of the face), asymmetry in its structure, the presence of a hump or the so-called collapse of the nose.

Contraindications to Rhinoplasty

Nose corrections, although it is very popular, is not for everyone. If the nose is unobstructed and does not deviate from aesthetic norms, the operation is not advisable. Exceptions are situations where the nose is the cause of complexes. In such a situation it is better to “fix” the hump than to suffer psychologically because of it.

Contraindication for rhinoplasty can be diagnosed anemia, vascular diathesis, unregulated hypertension, purulent inflammation of the sinuses and face, diabetes mellitus.

Who performs rhinoplasty?

Regardless of whether the rhinoplasty is performed for aesthetic or health reasons it is always performed by a plastic surgeon. It is best to place yourself in the hands of a reputable specialist, whose knowledge and experience is confirmed by the opinions of satisfied customers. Contrary to appearances and despite the popularity of rhinoplasty, there are not many of them. List of plastic surgeons performing rhinoplasty you will find on Meditravel website. Our company cooperates with the best clinics and surgeons from Czech Republic.  Their experience, knowledge and reputation are known throughout the world. Czech clinics can be proud of high quality of provided services and additionally attractive prices for clients from Poland. The prices of nose surgery in Meditravel start from as little as 1999 euro. The cost includes not only the surgery itself, but also general anaesthesia, stay in the clinic and hotel, drugs, on request a translator and a free consultation. Meditravel on request organises also flights to Prague and back. A free quote for the procedure is available at

How much does a nose correction cost?

Nose surgery for medical reasons can be performed on the National Health Fund. In this case it is reimbursed and the patient does not pay directly for it. It is important to remember, however, that it is not always possible to have a rhinoplasty done on the National Health Fund. Eligible cases are only congenital curvature of the nasal septum, congenital defects, injuries that impede breathing. In every other case, the plastic surgery is connected with considerable costs. How much does rhinoplasty cost? In many countries a nose correction costs many thousand Euros. To this amount must be added the costs of pre- and post-operative consultations, drugs, anaesthesia and control visits. That is why many men and women choose to go abroad in search of a cheaper alternative. Not only lower prices, but often also a higher quality of services await them there. 

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