Nose surgery in Turkey
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Nose correction in Turkey

Nose correction – are you considering it? Do you have a lot of questions? Do you want to know more before taking the next step? If your answer is yes, we can help. We have put together this complete guide for you, full of all important information you should know about nose corrections in Turkey!

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose correction or nose job, can improve not only your breathing but also your appearance. Our rhinoplasty surgeons offer a range of treatments to help you look better.

Why Turkey?

Nowadays Turkey has achieved a position that not only medical tourism has increased massively, but has also become an important place for plastic surgeons. In rhinoplasty, 30 to 40 percent of patients are from abroad.

In Turkey, there are all the necessary facilities for rhinoplasty, equipped clinics and professional surgeons. It is the country with the best chances in this respect in Europe. The fact that the procedures are performed in a short time and highly successful, is one of the reasons why so many patients choose Turkey for their nose correction. Thousands of patients who come to Turkey for rhinoplasty are happy to return to their countries. And having saved much money compared to their home countries. In this sense, Turkey is ideal for high quality rhinoplasty with reasonable prices.

What is a nose correction in Turkey?

Nose correction is a broad term for a procedure by which we can help you correct your nose if it is curved, curved, bulbous, large, flattened or excessively wide.

Your nose is one of the most prominent features on your face, it can distract from other details. A beautiful, proportional nose contributes to the harmony of the face. If for some reason your nose is too dominant. The harmony of your face can be disturbed and your attention can shift from your eyes to your nose.

In addition, an irregular nose or the internal structures of the nose can cause breathing problems. So what often starts out as a cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of the nose often improves function as well.

A rhinoplasty can not only shrink, enlarge, and change shape by widening or narrowing the nose. It can also improve airflow, making it easier to breathe than before surgery. Which in turn can improve your quality of life.

A rhinoplasty is a technically difficult procedure and requires years of experience to provide the patient with the desired result. The surgeon must be familiar with the various methods and their use. They also need to know the specifics of each patient’s problems. Which in turn not only leads to good nasal function, but also ensures normal breathing and patient satisfaction.

Because a rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult and demanding operations, it’s important to choose a surgeon who will reduce your risk of having multiple revision surgeries.

Am I a good candidate for nose surgery?

The most common reasons for the correction of the nose include:

  • A clogged or crooked nose, resulting from an injury or birth defect.
  • Nose tip operations: wide or thickened tip.
  • Correction of the shape of the nostrils.

Obstructions in the nasal structure can cause problems and respiratory problems. Which adversely affects not only the patient’s quality of life, but often the overall health condition.

Aesthetic nose surgery is considered only after the end of puberty, when the nose stops changing and growing. There are exceptions, however. Your specialist surgeon will decide whether the patient may be a younger person.

Like all surgical procedures, the best nasal and plastic surgery surgery is one that is created individually for the patient. Each of us has a different nose structure. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct detailed examinations and consultations so that your specialist surgeon finds the best solution for you and your problem.

Nevertheless, you should meet certain conditions in order for you to become a good candidate for nasal surgery. Patients in better general condition recover faster after surgery. In common sense, health issues do not affect the outcomes or risk of sinus and nasal surgery.

  • Smoking – it is best to avoid 2 weeks before and after the procedure.
  • Asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression / anxiety and bleeding disorders must be stabilized by a physician prior to surgery.

In addition, the surgeon should take into account any unrealistic expectations, and in some cases a psychologist can help treat the body dysmorphic syndrome.

Benefits of a nose correction in Turkey

The benefits of nose correction in Turkey can be aesthetic, functional, or both. An asymmetrical nose can cause lowered self-confidence, which causes patient dissatisfaction and can often lead to behavioral disorders and depression. On the other hand, removing obstacles that cause bad airflow and therefore negative effects on our daily lives brings real relief to those who experience them. You can also improve snoring and sinus problems.

A beautiful nose is considered to be one that is in harmony with the eyes, facial contours and other facial features. Most of us feel safer and happier after nose surgery, while family and friends are most often thrilled with the results.

When it comes to the functional benefits of nasal surgery in Turkey, there are many. For example, a stuffy nose often causes sleep problems. Snoring causes side effects such as bleeding, scabs, headaches, decreased concentration, and fatigue. With nose surgery, all these problems can be a thing of the past.

Modern techniques of nasal surgery in Turkey allow leading surgeons to solve both problems. In one surgical process that ultimately costs less and requires a shorter total recovery.

The sophisticated skills of our surgeons allow them to create a sleeker, natural-looking nose that harmonizes with the rest of the face.

Recovery after your nose correction

The recovery after nose surgery in Turkey is completely individual.

Some procedures require less and a little more time to recover. Recovery itself is generally neither painful nor too unpleasant. By following the instructions of our top surgeons, you can greatly facilitate your recovery and reduce the time you spend at home.

Each recovery is individual and determined. Not only the age and health of the patient. Also the experience of the surgeon’s specialist and the scope of the surgical procedure.

Following your surgeon’s instructions can significantly define your recovery as successful, quick, and painless.

Finding the best nose surgeon in Turkey


There are hundreds of nasal surgeons in Turkey. Unfortunately, their experience and knowledge are not always on the same level. As mentioned earlier, nose surgery is one of the most difficult operations in plastic or ENT surgery. You need the best nasal surgery expert you can find. Wrong choice can lead to increased risks and complications. And dissatisfaction with the results is almost inevitable.

Meditravel cooperates only with the best specialist surgeons, whose many years of experience and knowledge distinguish them from the competition. If you are worried about whether your treatment will result in severe scarring or may require a re-treatment, choose a specialist at Mediatravel.

Recovery is very important when we talk about plastic surgery. A trained surgeon with extensive experience can significantly reduce recovery time. Less pain and discomfort when combined with a specialist surgeon can help you overcome worries and provide you peace of mind.

How much does a nose correction cost in Turkey? Prices and cost

The prices of nose corrections  in Turkey largely depend on the type of rhinoplasty, the extent of the surgery and the patient himself. It is almost impossible to offer a fixed price that fits for everyone in the same way. A proper consultation is important to determine the best possible way to reach the desired results. Meditravel is specialized in that.

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