Recommendations against hair transplantation procedure
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The success of any procedure is closely related to the patient’s compliance with the doctors’ instructions.  

Below we have included all the instructions to be followed before the hair transplantation procedure to get the best results.

Choosing the best hair transplant clinic.  Hair transplantation is not a cosmetic treatment!

The clinic that Meditravel works with has qualified staff and the highest quality of treatments performed. Clinicana is located in Istanbul, Turkey in the Acıbadem Hospital building and is internationally licensed by JCI and ISO certified.

Any patient opting for a hair transplant must be informed of any complications and side effects that may occur after the procedure. In case of questions or concerns, the doctors should be available at any time for all patients.  

IMPORTANT: The choice of the clinic and the experience of the staff is extremely important. If you choose to have your hair transplant at a clinic that does not have much experience in hair transplantation and you are not satisfied with the results of the procedure, your chances of having a hair transplant at another clinic will be slim.  The donor area is limited – if your first hair transplant fails, you will lose a significant amount of hair in the donor area, which could and should have been used by a qualified clinic for a better result.

No alcohol 7 days before the operation 

Do not consume alcohol seven days before surgery for the following reasons:

Increased bleeding: consumption of alcoholic beverages weakens blood clotting. This means an increased risk of excessive bleeding both during and after the hair transplant procedure. 

In addition to an increased risk of bleeding after the procedure, patients who consume alcohol a few days before the procedure need a longer recovery time, which increases the possibility of infection and inflammation. 

Increased sensation of pain during the procedure: alcohol can reduce the effect of anaesthesia during a hair transplant procedure, with the result that an additional dose of anaesthetic will be required to anaesthetise the scalp.

Although alcohol dilates blood vessels scientific studies have shown that it restricts blood flow to certain areas such as the head / scalp and thus impedes blood flow to the transplanted hair increasing the risk of surgery failure. 

Stop smoking

Nicotine causes hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels. Prolonged bleeding may occur during the hair transplant procedure. Carbon dioxide reduces the blood’s ability to transport oxygen and can impair the healing of the patient’s wounds and prolong the healing process. If the skin takes longer to heal there is a much greater risk of infection. The result is not only problems with wound healing, but also an increased likelihood of a larger scar.

According to hair transplant doctors, smoking also increases the risk of skin necrosis. The severity of this problem is greater the more cigarettes the patient has smoked in the past. Scientific studies have shown that smokers who have undergone operations requiring the excision of large areas of skin (e.g. excision of skin fragments in the occipital region) are at a significantly higher risk of skin necrosis after a hair transplant procedure.

Smoking also results in reduced oxygen and nutrient access, which can affect the acceptance of transplanted hair. According to Clinicana doctors, this will largely depend on the patient and whether they are a chronic, long-term smoker.

Do not take aspirin 10 days before surgery

Aspirin reduces blood clotting and taking it may increase the risk of bleeding during hair transplant surgery. 

Avoid consumption of green tea

And also some dietary supplements, vitamins and herbal medicines two weeks before the hair transplant procedure, as the products mentioned increase bleeding during the procedure and reduce the stability of the hair follicles in the scalp.

One month before the hair transplant

Stop using any medications, lotions and shampoos (containing Minoxidil) that help stop hair loss. Minoxidil promotes blood circulation and blood flow to the scalp which increases bleeding during hair transplantation. 

Do not cut your hair before the operation

Longer hair helps to better assess the angle of hair growth and the exact number of grafts to be taken. So it is recommended not to cut the hair 1 month before the hair transplant. Especially if you have already short hair.

Before arrival in Istanbul

Inform about all medical conditions, especially diabetes or blood pressure problems as well as all past operations. 

All health-related information can influence both the qualification of the patient for the operation and the possible positive results of the hair transplantation.

The day before surgery

It is important to rest. Stress is not advisable.

On the day of treatment

Wear comfortable clothing, such as a shirt/blouse with buttons or a zip.  This is very important when dressing and undressing.

Washing the head

You should wash your head and hair in the morning before your hair transplant.

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