Types of breast implants
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Types of breast implants

There are several types of implants on the market. The differences between them are primarily due to the fact that they must be matched to the woman’s figure, the female breast structure and the size she desires. Safety and certificates issued to the given materials also play a big role. It is worth knowing that the surgeries are fully understood and therefore safe. See what types of breast implants are available on the market and which clinics Meditravel.com cooperate with.

Breast augmentation method by placing implants

Implants are the most common choice for breast augmentation. It is mainly chosen by women who are between 20-40 years old. It is performed mainly for aesthetic reasons. Implants are chosen not only by people who have too small breasts. There are several reasons for plastic surgery, such as uneven breasts, their not very aesthetic shape or the desire to improve the bust after pregnancy or breastfeeding. Today many different types of implants have been created. 

Distinction between the different implant types: 

  • Silicone implants – undoubtedly the most well-known elements. They were first used in the 1960s. Then they changed the face of plastic surgery forever. Currently they are used by the best clinics of aesthetic surgery. Year by year silicone implants are improved, today their fifth generation is used. They are offered by meditravel.pl, the best foreign doctors use them. In this type of implants there are used solutions preventing their rotation, i.e. textured back surface. The implants are filled with silicone gel, which mimics human fat tissue, so it is indistinguishable to the touch from a normal breast. With silicone implants, you can choose from round implants or anatomical implants, which have an irregular teardrop shape that is similar to the shape of natural breasts. 
  • Silicone implants filled with saline – They are filled with sodium chloride solution. The shell, on the other hand, is made of a material that is resistant to deterioration and deformation. The shell itself is placed under the breast muscle or gland. During the surgery, a thin incision is first made in the breast, then the implant shell is inserted, and then it is filled with saline. Unfortunately, but in this case, the breasts change in size and shape over time. They are also more prone to deformation than those with silicone filling. 
  • Mixed silicone implants, so-called Baker’s expanders -These are implants with a combined filling. They are inserted through a small incision, and the implant is partially filled with silicone gel. After placing the implant in the right place, its size and shape are adjusted by adding saline.
  • Polyurethane implants – They are made of polyurethane foam or mixed materials. However, they are now being phased out of use because the material they are made of can have negative health effects.

Implants – Shape and surface for breast augmentation

In terms of shape, implants are divided into anatomical and round. Round ones are less natural, they give the breast a sphere-like shape, so the breast automatically becomes fuller. If the implant in the breast moves, it makes no difference to the appearance. Anatomical breast implants are teardrop shaped, looking asymmetrical as a natural breast. This means they are flattened at the top and fuller at the bottom. They are designed for women who want fuller breasts with a natural shape. Unfortunately, they are not free from flaws. They are more tactile to the touch than round implants. The choice of breast implants is also linked to the choice of their surface. 

Types of implants

Currently, there are two types of variants available in the market to choose from, namely smooth surface and rough surface implants. Those with a smooth surface are used less and less frequently. Such implants are quite easy to insert, the cuts made during surgery are smaller, and microorganisms and pathogens do not settle on them. On the other hand, they are much easier to move and fold, which unfortunately speaks against them.

In case of anatomical shape they are rarely used because their every movement is visible. On the other hand, textured implants have a rough surface. They are most often used in case of silicone implants. The risk of their dislocation is small, what is more, they blend with the body tissues much easier. They are widely used abroad, where the latest methods of breast augmentation are proposed. Currently, the possibility of such operations offers meditravel.pl, specializing in plastic surgery, carried out at the best surgeons of aesthetic medicine. 

Implants – Breast implant division by profile

The projection of the implant is a measure of how far the breast will be pushed forward. This is evidenced by centimeters, measured vertically. Several years ago, aesthetic surgeries were associated only with a measure of their volume, i.e., cubic centimeters. They were not dimensioned from any other angle, and this generated a number of fitting problems.

Today there are three implant profiles, namely low, medium and high. The low profile is recommended for women with a wide chest who do not want a large breast augmentation. The medium profile is the most common choice. It is suggested for women with a standard chest who are looking for a natural augmentation. The high and extra-high profile is offered to patients with narrow chests who desire significant breast augmentation. 

Breast size and shape are chosen by the patient. It is her decision how they will look. The role of an experienced doctor is to present the options, familiarize the patient with the implants and help her choose. It is primarily the woman who chooses how she will look in the future. However, it is worth consulting experienced doctors, who are mainly located abroad, such possibility is given by meditravel.pl. Then the whole process is fast and efficient and the results are amazing. 

If you have any doubts which implants will be the best for you, you hesitate about plastic surgery or have questions about its course – we invite you to a free consultation in Meditravel.com, we will be happy to dispel any doubts.

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