Why should you choose on an intermediary during hair transplant surgery?
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Why opt for an intermediary for a hair transplant procedure?

Who is the agency?

Meditravel.com is an intermediary for patients who decide to undergo a hair transplantation or aesthetical operation at the best possible clinics. For hair transplants for example our patients go to the world known Clinicana hair transplant center. Their long experience and keeping the highest standards is appreciated in many countries. We, as an intermediary, cooperate with the whole Clinicana team, thus our assistance in organising the whole journey is ensured from the very beginning till the end.

Why in Turkey?

Turkey leads the way in hair transplants. Due to its good price and great experience, this is where a significant number of patients come to have their procedure done. Clinicana, with which we cooperate, is located in the centre of the hair transplant “capital” – Istanbul.

In addition, a large number of patients choose to have their treatment at our partner clinic due to the large difference in price, compared to other countries.

A hair transplantation procedure is a stressful undertaking. That is why it is very good to have someone who will take care of the organization during the entire trip. Meditravel.com not only takes care of the consultation and arranges the transplantation with the doctors. Much more we also help with choosing the right clinic, organisation of the whole trip and reduce potentially occurring stress, which in turn might otherwise have an impact on hair loss. The whole trip is organised from the very beginning.

What does an intermediary give me?

The intermediary will take care of the entire patients journey before, during and after the procedure.

An English-speaking caretaker awaits the patient at the clinic. The caretaker takes care of everything so that the patient doesn’t have to organize anything and can just relax for the surgery. He/she provides all documents and all recommendations and contraindications that occur before and after the procedure.

Patients do not have to worry about anything. Hotel, travel, food – everything is taken care of by Meditravel. It significantly relaxes the entire journey and reduces the risk of any complications due to stress. Also after the operation it is very important to have a good contact to a trustworthy and well-informed person. Anytime questions can occur which should be answered, as a proper healing phase is also important for a good final result. Meditravel has even 1 year after the operation frequently contact to the patients. Their questions will be answered and the recovery accompanied with the exchange of pictures. These pictures are always directly sent to the doctors for a personal and professional opinion and recommendation.

It is much easier to decide to perform a procedure in another country, if the whole trip is organised by a travel agency.

Upon arrival in Istanbul, you do not have to worry about anything or arrange anything on your own. At every airport in Istanbul, there is a pickup point where you will be welcomed. A driver is already  waiting for our patients when they arrive. Initially the driver will bring the patients to the clinic for a quick blood test and blood extraction for a PRP treatment (Platelet-rich plasma). After that the driver brings the patients safely to the hotel.

Before the operation, the patient goes together with the caretaker to the doctor’s office. 


If the patient wishes, Meditravel is happy to assist with a narrator who speaks the patient’s mother tongue. She/he will translate before and after the operation and during the consultation with the doctor. The narrator will explain to the patient all important information like the indications and contraindications of the procedure. What to consider after the operation, what kind of medicines the patient receives and how to use them.


The caretaker takes you to the operation. Therefore, our patients can feel at ease. Each patient has their own caretaker from the very beginning. The caretaker enters the procedure together with the patient. The caretaker attends the procedure during the local anaesthesia and the first stages of the procedure, and then looks in on the patient during the procedure.

The next day after surgery, patients arrive at the hospital for bandage removal. The caretaker will explain how to care for the scalp for the next few days after the procedure, provide recommendations from the doctor and advise how to use the given medications.

The time and date of bandage removal and the first scalp wash are always recorded in the Patients instructions. These are adjusted for the patients individually, depending on the patient’s availability.

Patients also do not need to worry about their transfer to the airport. Once we know the departure time, our patients will be informed on the day of surgery what time the driver will pick them up from the hotel. The hours are set by our team to suit the patient as much as possible.

Choice of intermediary

Choosing an intermediary is a very good solution, as it saves a lot of time in organising things yourself. If patients forget anything, they will be informed immediately by our team.

If you have any problems or questions, you can always contact Meditravel or our on-site caretaker.

The price of a hair transplant procedure in Turkey is incomparable. The price of the whole package including surgery, hotel and air tickets is often much lower than the prices in the patients home country.

Additionally, the number of grafts offered in Turkey is much higher. Another very important aspect is the vast experience of our clinic.

In the Clinic, with which we cooperate, work doctors from every field of medicine. Thanks to this Patients can feel safe in every situation.

Both the hotel and the hospital are modern buildings of the highest standards, directly in the city center. This makes it easy to combine the hair transplant with a short city trip.

Choosing a clinic on your own can be difficult. We, as an intermediary, have checked what the clinic and the hotel are like before our patients start going for their operation.

We arrange the whole itinerary of the trip. Therefore, if you are going abroad for the first time, you don’t have to worry about arranging anything.

After the operation

The intermediary service does not end only after the treatment. We are happy to answer any questions our patients may have. Both before and after arrival.

Choosing an intermediary gives you greater peace of mind that everything necessary is taken care of. Already before your flight you can learn a lot about hair transplantation. About how the whole procedure will look like and how to leave.

On our website you can find not only photos before and after the procedure, but also a blog, where you can get a lot of very interesting information and knowledge.

Choosing an intermediary who helps to organise the treatment gives you the certainty that everything will go as it should. The whole Meditravel team cares about your comfort during your entire journey.

Instalment payment

Patients who decide to have a procedure with Meditravel can also use the method of paying for the procedure in instalments. This gives the possibility to pay for the procedure adapted to the Patient’s situation. However, there is no such option if you do not use an intermediary. Other Patients pay the entire amount on the day of surgery.

A hair transplantation procedure is a very important change in the life of a person. Therefore, it is completely understandable that patients need more attention. We, as an intermediary, will make sure that all doubts of our patients are resolved and all questions answered. This way, the patient will know exactly what the operation will consist of. What to pay attention to. How the new hairline will be selected. What are the indications and contraindications after the operation.

Why choose Meditravel

Meditravel as an intermediary guarantees satisfaction to its patients. Our services do not end just after the operation. We constantly monitor the situation and healing process of our patients. That is why we always ask patients for a constant contact with us. Patients send us photos of both the donor and the recipient area for one year after the operation. This allows us to constantly review the current hair situation.

Our partner Clinicana is known all over the world. Patients come here from different continents. The main reason is the vast experience of the team performing the treatments and the exceptional results of the patients.

Another reason is also the fixed price for the operation. At Clinicana the price does not depend on the number of transplanted grafts. The doctors, after the consultation in the clinic, try to take the maximum possible number of grafts, which is still justifiable. This number varies for each patient, as each patient has a different donor area and hair type.

The clinic is very modern and follows the highest standards. The hotel where our Patients are accommodated is located right next to the clinic. Additionally, transportation between the hotel, clinic and several famous sightseeing places in Istanbul, is provided.

What other tasks does the intermediary have?

As intermediaries, we hold a consultation with patients and then discuss each patient’s case with Clinicana doctors. Thanks to this, each patient gets informed about the possibilities for their individual situation.

During the entire trip we have constant contact to our patients so that we can ensure that everything works smooth and planned. From experience many questions suddenly occur during the trip, so it is a big advantage to have a direct contact person who is giving a good support. This way all uncertainties are dispelled and no misunderstandings can occur during the trip and the healing phase.

Traveling with an accompanying person

Patients often go for the treatment with relatives or good friends. The hotel rooms are for two people, so the accompanying person is accommodated without any additional surcharge.

We are happy to support with arranging documents for travel, booking of flight tickets and to assist with the check-in.

Choosing Meditravel as your intermediary is a recommended and very good solution. Especially, if you want to receive the best possible result for your hair transplantation for a reasonable price. The whole trip for the procedure is organised from the very beginning till the end. We cooperate with Clinicana – a clinic famous all over the world for its high quality hair transplantations. Thanks to that, our patients can be sure that the treatment will be carried out in a clinic of the highest standards for a much lower price. We are in constant contact with our patients. Both before, during and after the procedure. This way the patient will have constantly a proper knowledge of the current situation, so that no misunderstandings could occur.
Satisfaction of our patients is the most important thing for us!

We are sure that you will be happy with your decision to do your hair transplant or aesthetic surgery with Meditravel.

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