Did the dandruff causes hair loss
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Does dandruff cause hair loss?

Dandruff is one of the most common scalp ailments. The data shows that one person in two is affected. It is more common in men than in women and this is due to the stronger oiliness of the scalp caused by male hormones. Symptoms of dandruff are quite characteristic and hard to miss. Medicine knows many ways to fight this ailment. The treatment may involve both home remedies and pharmacy specifics without prescription or drugs prescribed by a doctor. In most cases, a quick treatment makes dandruff disappear. But can this scalp ailment have long-term side effects such as hair loss?

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is one of the skin diseases of the scalp. Dandruff is a scalp disease that occurs when the skin begins to flake excessively as a result of candida. When there is too much of it, small scales appear which then end up on our clothes. However, the symptoms of dandruff largely depend on its type. Dermatologists distinguish between two main types of this scalp condition. The first is dry dandruff and the second is wet dandruff. The former is a smaller problem and quite easy to deal with. In most cases, it does not cause serious side effects such as hair loss. However, the fight against wet dandruff may be more difficult and the disease itself may cause more serious complications. Sticky and yellowish spots of the epidermis, which are the result of overactive glands, develop into inflammation. As a result, redness, itching and hair loss appear.

Dandruff – why does it occur?

All of us have encountered dandruff. Some have experienced it themselves, others have watched their loved ones struggle. But what causes this common scalp ailment?

Scientists blame the fungus “Malassezia furfur” (Pityrosporum ovale) for dandruff. This is a yeast that likes to live in an environment rich in lipids. That is why it lives mainly in regions rich in sebaceous glands, e.g. on the head. It is worth noting here, however, that its occurrence does not mean dandruff. This appears only when the fungus “Malassezia furfur” (Pityrosporum ovale) is present in excess – then it causes characteristic skin flaking.

Scientific research indicates that overproduction of the yeast that causes scaling occurs as a result of severe and prolonged stress, exhaustion, low immunity and the use of inappropriate hair care and styling products. Other factors that contribute to the formation of dandruff include allergies, genetic factors, washing the head with highly chlorinated water and hormonal disorders. It is also indicated that the appearance of dandruff is influenced by age and gender. The most frequent sufferers of this scalp disorder are men between 20 and 40 years of age. It usually appears in the winter period.

How to treat dandruff?

Dandruff should not be underestimated. It is not only an aesthetic but also a health problem. Long-lasting symptoms of dandruff may transform into more serious conditions, including baldness. That’s why it’s important to protect your scalp against this condition. How to do it?

  • do not irritate your scalp with, for example, frequent scratching or rubbing;
  • supplement your diet with vitamin F and B6,
  • Remember to take good care of your hair and scalp, i.e. to rinse shampoos and conditioners thoroughly after washing and to avoid blow-drying your hair;
  • wash your hair regularly and do not make it greasy;
  • Use remedies, such as green clay, herbs: burdock, nettle, black turnip and vegetable oils: coconut, castor oil, and black cumin. With the help of these natural preparations you can e.g. make homemade hair masks and rinses

In case dandruff has already occurred, you need to act comprehensively. It is a myth that only shampoo is sufficient for treatment. The treatment should be based on supplementing the diet with products rich in B vitamins, E and zinc and eliminating sugars and saturated fats from the diet. It is also advisable to naturally boost the body’s immunity while reducing stress levels. You should also make changes in the way you style and care for your hair. First of all, the list of cosmetics used should be shortened. Eliminate any products containing unnatural ingredients, which may be damaging to your scalp. Instead, stock up on anti-dandruff shampoos. You can find medicated shampoos at the drugstore. Use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions and rinse thoroughly after shampooing.

Home remedies for dandruff

If you suffer from the so-called dry dandruff, you can also fight it with home remedies. You can fight white, scaly skin, which is not accompanied by any other symptoms, for example with vinegar. This is one of the oldest and at the same time the most effective home remedies for dandruff. The acids in vinegar improve the condition of your hair and scalp. The best treatment for dandruff is apple cider vinegar. It contains large amounts of vitamin E, one of the most effective antioxidants. It also contains substances with a regenerating and fungicidal effect. Vinegar for dandruff should be used in the form of a rinse. You can prepare it from a glass of boiled water and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Let the mixture cool down and then rinse your hair with it. The smell of apple cider vinegar will evaporate quickly and your hair will not smell unpleasant. The second way to use apple cider vinegar is as a scrub. You need baking soda mixed with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to prepare a scrub. Apply the mixture directly to your scalp and massage gently. After about 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

Coconut oil and lemon for dandruff

Coconut oil is also a home remedy for dandruff. Remember, however, that with its help you will fight only the symptoms, and not the cause of the problem. This is due to the fact that this substance does not have fungicidal properties. Coconut oil dandruff mask, on the other hand, will have a deep moisturizing effect and reduce flaking.

Lemon will also help in the fight against dandruff. Its properties create a protective barrier against microorganisms causing this unpleasant ailment. The most effective way is to create a mixture of lemon juice, salt and warm water. The solution is applied to the head and then massaged into the skin for about 10 minutes. After this time, it can be rinsed off and the hair washed with a mild shampoo. Thanks to lemon, it is possible to stop seborrhoea, reduce itching, balance the pH of the scalp and cleanse it thoroughly.

Herbs to help fight dandruff

Folk medicine for dandruff also recommends herbs. The most effective are nettle, chamomile, sage and rosemary. These herbs are used in nourishing rinses, which have a soothing and healing effect on the damaged and irritated epidermis and also help fight the fungi causing dandruff. You can prepare dandruff rinses with herbs by pouring boiling water over them and steeping them for about 20 minutes. Then you strain the solution and add the infusion to your hair rinse. Alternatively, you can soak cotton wool in the solution and wipe your scalp, especially in areas where itching is intense. The dandruff treatment takes about one month.

Castor oil is one way to fight dandruff

Another home remedy for dandruff is castor oil. It exhibits strong moisturising, bactericidal and fungicidal properties. Thus, it protects the scalp from infection with fungi and bacteria. Castor oil also contains nutrients such as vitamins and omega 6 acids, which moisturise dry patches of skin and minimise itching. You can add castor oil for dandruff to your conditioner or apply it directly to your scalp after warming it up for a long time. This substance can be left on the hair overnight.

Olive oil and eggs against dandruff?

Olive oil also has fungicidal properties. It cleanses and moisturises and is also effective against dry dandruff. Olive oil treatment is done by rubbing it on the scalp. The oil used for this should be warm (lukewarm). You should place it on your hair overnight, protecting your scalp with a bathing cap. In the morning, you must wash your hair and head with a mild shampoo.

The last home remedy for dandruff is eggs. It works well against the oily variety of dandruff and will also help with oily cosmetics. The treatment uses egg white to which the yolk is added. After thoroughly mixing these ingredients, a mask is formed, which you apply to a thoroughly washed scalp. The mask should be kept for 30 minutes and then rinsed off thoroughly.

Can dandruff cause hair loss?

Dandruff is a condition that takes a heavy toll on the scalp. Wet dandruff is particularly dangerous and more difficult to get rid of. Its intensifying symptoms negatively influence the condition of hair, disrupting its growth cycle, weakening its structure and causing excessive sensitivity. All this translates into slow baldness. Excessive hair loss is also accompanied by itching caused by dandruff. It causes scratching, which can lead to mechanical damage to the hair.

It should be noted, however, that currently there are no conclusive studies proving that dandruff causes excessive hair loss and baldness. This condition can contribute to hair loss, but has not been found to be a direct cause.

Excessive hair loss due to dandruff – what to do?

In case home and pharmacy remedies for dandruff do not work, it is necessary to visit a specialist. He will prescribe prescription pharmaceuticals with strong antifungal properties. Depending on the medication, these may be for topical or oral use. A visit to a trichologist is also advisable if your hair falls out excessively after treatment. The doctor will help to determine the cause of this and also indicate the appropriate treatment. In case of excessive hair loss, a hair transplant may be necessary. You can find out how to do this on the Meditrvel website. By consulting our specialists, you can also receive free advice on the best method for you and get help with organising a trip to Turkey for a hair transplant. Why go there?

Hair transplantation in Turkey is about 1/3 cheaper than in Polish clinics and at the same time just as effective. Another advantage is that it is performed by world-class specialists, in clinics considered to be the best in aesthetic medicine worldwide. Choosing a hair transplant in Turkey, you will receive an attractive price, the best care and a guarantee of hair transplant success.

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