Hair transplant - Why Turkey?
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Hair transplantation in Turkey?

Turkey is magical Istanbul, the only city in the world that is located on two continents. The western part of the city is in Europe, the eastern part in Asia. By taking a ferry from one district to another, we are taking a cruise between Europe and Asia. Turkey is also a beautiful, sunny, hot coastline, phenomenal Pamukkale, fabulous Cappadocia, majestic and historic Hagia Sophia, the ruins of ancient Ephesus and many other, wonderful attractions. Istanbul itself is a place of delicious food, coffee and cats. Turkey is also the world leader in aesthetic medicine treatments, the undisputed leader in medical tourism.

Hair transplant – why Turkey?

Hair transplant and Turkey, why? The answer is not complicated, in fact it is very simple. The best, highly experienced world-class surgeons work in the clinics there.  Hair transplant in Turkey is synonymous with professionalism, high, impeccable standards, knowledge and years of experience. Hair transplant in Turkey is a guarantee of a valuable team of specialists with a huge reputation. It is a great, friendly and qualified medical service. The hair transplants that Meditravel offers are performed in Turkey with the latest micro FUE and DHI methods. We guarantee hair transplants of up to 5000 grafts in each of our packages. Hair transplantation in Turkey is also a great, incomparably lower price than performing a similar procedure in Poland. Specialists in Turkey make sure that great results are achieved quickly, to the patient’s satisfaction, every time.

What do the hair transplant offers in Turkey include?

Here you can browse and select the offers that meets your needs.

Most people decide for the Premium package. This includes:

  • VIP transfer within Istanbul from the airport to the hotel and to the clinic.
  • 3 days stay in 4**** hotel with breakfast, access to SPA, for the patient and one companion
  • Hair transplantation with the use of sapphire micro FUE / DHI method, max. grafts up to 5000
  • PRP treatment (Platelet-rich-plasma)
  • Blood analysis
  • Medication, scalp care products (shampoo, foam spray) and extras (pillow, hat)
  • Lunch in the clinic on the day of the surgery for the patient
  • Certificate guaranteeing the quality of the performed hair transplant
  • Post-operative check-up
  • Free after-care with the Meditravel team during the recovery period

As you can see, the treatment offers in Turkey guarantee comprehensive assistance in all the logistics of travel and stay. Comfortable and modern accommodation, meals for the patient and one accompanying person, transfer from the airport to the hotel and clinic and vice versa, necessary examinations and professional, high-quality hair transplantation gets confirmed with a certificate.

It is possible to get additionally a narrator in your mother tongue,  who will translate during your operation day.
Booking of your flight tickets, incl. check-in, filling out of the travel formalities is also possible.

Let’s look at prices – how much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey?

The prices of procedures in Turkey are incomparably lower than those offered by clinics in western European countries.

A hair transplant costs normally from 5000 € to 12000 €. The price per graft usually varies from 2 to 4 €. On the other hand, a hair transplant offered by Meditravel costs just just a fraction of this. And additionally includes all important extras like transfer, accommodation, medication, after-care products, etc.

Why is a hair transplant in Turkey cheaper than in Europe?

An important point is that Turkey is a country which lies outside of the European Union. Different prices, costs and pay rates prevail here. The same procedure carried out in France, Switzerland or Germany would be incomparably more expensive, already due to the very high salaries of medical workers. Another important factor is that the Turkish Government has abolished VAT for foreign medical tourists treated in Turkish clinics and hospitals certified by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.

Modern hair transplant clinics – the latest equipment

The quality of medical services in Turkey is built on very high-quality surgeons, well-equipped clinics and professional staff. Many foreign tourists come to Turkey to undergo operations related to aesthetic medicine such as breast augmentation, nose correction or liposuction.

A large group of people were afraid of the language barrier. But completely unnecessarily, because doctors and specialists in Turkey speak English, sometimes also Russian and German.

The team of Meditravel cooperates only with proven clinics which are specialized in hair transplantation and plastic surgeries. They have accredited international medical certificates such as JCI-ISO among others. The devices, equipment, products and treatments meet the highest international medical standards and the knowledge of the surgeons is constantly expanded. Meditravel ensures that the performed treatments and procedures maintain the highest quality at all times of the cooperation. The satisfaction and happiness of our patients is most important for us at Meditravel.

Here you can check the current hair transplant offers by Meditravel. If you wish to get a free online consultation, just fill out the contact form and our medical consultant will contact you as soon as possible.

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