How to take care of hair in autumn and winter
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How do I care for my hair in autumn and winter?

How to take care of hair when the whole body is weakened in the autumn and winter period? It is no wonder that hair starts to fall out, becomes brittle and loses its shine. In Poland, the colder seasons are a real nuisance for the body. It is important to take good care of your hair. You can treat your hair to a home spa, dietary supplements and suitable hairdressing treatments. What are the most effective ways and what to do if they do not work?

How to take care of your hair at home?

Natural ingredients are the first step in the fight for beautiful and thick hair. Many people are surprised by how many helpful products there are in the home kitchen. Which ones are worth using?

Garlic rub

It is rare to hear that garlic has such an effect. Yes, it works well on the body, helps in colds, but as you can see – not only. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it cleans the scalp from bacteria accumulations, which may be the reason for excessive hair loss. What is more, it contains organic sulphur compounds which stimulate hair growth. How to prepare a hair mask? Crush a few cloves of garlic and rub it into the scalp. Leave it on for about 30 minutes. Wash your hair thoroughly afterwards. A weekly treatment will have the desired effect. 

Egg-based conditioner

Homemade conditioner is made on the basis of egg yolks is effective in the fight against hair loss. Depending on the effects that are required, egg yolks can be combined with oil, castor oil and honey. Each of these ingredients has a different effect on the state and condition of the hair. Oils moisturise and regenerate the hair, adding shine. Honey, on the other hand, due to its unique properties, nourishes the scalp and smooths hair. Apply the mask to the skin and hair, put on a plastic cap and wrap your head in a towel. After about 30 minutes the towel should be removed and the hair washed as usual. The conditioner regenerates the scalp and moisturises and nourishes the hair. 

Black turnip juice

Black turnip juice can work wonders on the scalp. It must not be made from powder or be store-bought as a finished product. The juice should come from a fresh vegetable, preferably made in a juicer. If this is not possible, turnip greens can be grated with a small mesh grater and then passed through gauze or a cloth. Rub the juice into your scalp and apply to the entire length of your hair. After 30 minutes, wash your hair as usual. Turnip greens have regenerative properties, which are good for damaged hair. What is more, it stimulates blood circulation, which has a positive effect on the proper functioning of hair follicles, additionally accelerating hair growth. 

Scalp massage

A home massage can be performed in the comfort of your own home. You don’t need any special equipment; all you need is a little free time. The scalp massage stimulates the circulation and has a positive effect on hair growth. The scalp massage also helps to remove dead skin on the scalp. The massage can be done while washing your hair or dry. The latter is recommended as it may lead to greasy hair. The massage should last about 3-5 minutes. Use your hands in symmetric circular motions from your forehead to the nape of your neck. Do not scratch or rub your scalp, use your fingertips to massage gently. 

How to take care of hair with herbs and vitamins? Which ones to use to stop hair loss ?

Vitamins not only stop hair loss. They have a positive effect on hair growth, stop greying and give shine. On the other hand, their deficiency reflects the condition of hair. Without them, hair becomes brittle, dull and falls out faster. It is important to remember that diet has a significant impact on hair nutrition, but that is not all. Vitamins to be taken for this purpose are also invaluable. Above all, vitamins A and E are responsible for the condition of hair. Deficiencies of these make hair dry and brittle. Vitamin A is responsible for the keratinisation of the hair matrix cells. As a result, hair may fall out excessively and become brittle. It can be taken in the form of both retinol and beta-carotene. In turn, vitamin E provides protection against free radicals. What is more, it supports proper circulation and stimulates hair bulbs to proper functioning.

Another very important vitamin is vitamin D.

In Poland, it is estimated that every person is deficient in it, especially during autumn and winter, and studies show that it inhibits the processes of baldness. It also stimulates hair growth – it positively influences genes that are responsible for hair growth, thus inhibiting excessive hair loss. In turn, deficiencies of vitamin H, commonly known as biotin, adversely affect hair, causing it to fall out. In order to avoid excessive hair loss, it is worth taking biotin supplements. It is contained in sunflower seeds, almonds and also in capsules. B vitamins also help to prevent excessive hair loss. They not only stimulate hair growth, but also affect the overall condition of the hair. Vitamin B2 and B6 supplementation is recommended for hair loss. 

How to look after your treatments against hair loss

Hairdressers are associated only with cutting ends, doing haircuts and colouring. However, they offer a range of hair care treatments to reduce hair loss and strengthen hair strands. The simplest treatment is a hair sauna. The scalp is treated with a slightly higher temperature. This opens the hair cuticles and stimulates circulation. During the treatment, the optimum moisture level is reached, which allows the skin to absorb nutrients more effectively. It only takes a few minutes to improve blood circulation in the hair area as well as the effect of cosmetics.

Another treatment for combating hair loss is iontophoresis. During the treatment, galvanic currents act on the scalp and stimulate cell metabolism and blood supply to the skin. The treatment is recommended especially in autumn and winter as it reduces hair loss, stops balding and reduces seborrhoea. 

Another similar treatment is electrostimulation.

During this activity, d’Arsonval currents are used – it is radiation of high-frequency of vibrations, high voltage and low intensity. When the scalp comes into contact with the vibrations, an electric discharge occurs and ozone with disinfecting, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties is produced. Thanks to electrostimulation, the skin is stimulated, hair bulbs start working more intensively and inflammations are eliminated. It is mainly recommended for people whose hair falls out excessively. 

Another treatment that can help with excessive hair loss is scalp oxygen infusion.

The entire process is based on the properties of oxygen in molecular form. It consists in transferring oxygen and concentrated nutrients to the scalp. The treatment affects the blood supply to the skin and its nutrition. It effectively reduces hair loss, strengthens and moisturises the scalp, as well as thoroughly cleanses it from dead epidermis, sebum or remains of cosmetics. Oxygen infusion of the scalp is performed in several series. The series is performed on average every 2 weeks and a single treatment does not last longer than 30-40 minutes. It is a treatment which has a beneficial effect on hair growth and also helps all those who suffer from scalp diseases. 

What if nothing helps against hair loss? 

If all options have been used, a visit to a trichologist is recommended. Perhaps the problem lies deeper and it is not just autumn/winter weakness. Baldness can be caused by disease or genetics. People struggling with excessive hair loss should consider a hair transplant. It is a procedure which allows you to enjoy a luxuriant head of hair and to forget about the curves. Where is the best place to have it done?

There is no simple answer here. Although Polish clinics already offer hair transplantation, they have much less experience than foreign units. Since high prices are also a disincentive to use their services, the optimal solution is, for example, to use the hair transplant option abroad. Some of the best medical centres specialising in this field operate in Turkey. It is with them that cooperates, offering hair transplantation treatments. You can find out about the quality and results of the procedure at

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