Younger in 2021. Face lifting without secrets
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Look younger with a facelift

A facelift is a procedure designed to tighten sagging facial skin. The result is wrinkle-free skin, several years younger. The procedure guarantees shallowing of wrinkles and facial rejuvenation. Unfortunately, skin aging begins at the age of 25, and at 40 the changes are already visible at first glance. In this article we will dispel all doubts about surgical face lift and show you how to perform the procedure safely with

The facelift procedure is one of the most precise in terms of plastic surgery. The surgeon makes precise incisions in the face that allow him to stretch, and remove excess skin in an invisible way. The precision that is needed for the procedure is the reason why you should go to a specialist. His experience will allow the procedure to be carried out professionally and without the risk of side effects. The care of specialists is provided by, organizing the lifting in reputable clinics in Prague.


Types of facelifts

A lift is a procedure in which excess fat is removed or structures that are responsible for supporting muscle are strengthened. The incisions made are very thin. They are made in not very visible places, i.e. on the temples, behind the auricle. After the entire procedure, stitches are placed. Currently, a facelift is performed in two ways i.e. invasive facelift and volumetric facelift. 

Invasive lifting

  • An invasive facelift is a surgical procedure performed by a plastic surgeon. It involves precise cuts in invisible areas. The skin is stretched so that the face regains its proper contour. In the places of thin cuts the doctor puts precise stitches, after removing them the scars are invisible to the naked eye. After the whole procedure the patient remains on observation usually for 48 hours, the stitches are removed after about 7 days. This type of lifting is permanent, there is no need to repeat it. It is performed under general anesthesia, so the patient feels comfortable all the time without feeling any pain. 

Volumetric lifting

  • Volumetric lifting – involves the injection of hyaluronic acid, lactic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite into the deep layer of the skin. The applied substance causes the skin to be lifted and regains its firmness. Thanks to this treatment you can lift drooping cheeks, model the jaw line and chin or reduce wrinkles. The effects are visible immediately. Unfortunately, the procedure needs to be repeated about every 1.5 years. It is recommended for smaller problems with excess skin, because it perfectly models the face, but does not give such spectacular results as a surgical face lift. 

Positive effects of a facelift

Above all, lifting and wrinkle reduction positively affects self-esteem and effectively boosts self-confidence. These changes are invisible to the eye, but how valuable for the patient. After surgical lifting the face looks much younger. It is firmer, sagging cheeks are reduced, bags under the eyes disappear and the corners of the mouth are slightly lifted. By stretching the skin, wrinkles become shallower and the face is smoothed.

The effects of the facelift look very natural, the procedure does not change the facial features, and if it does it is only at the patient’s exclusive request. Facial expressions never change, and the scars after the operation are invisible. Another big advantage of a facelift is that it is long lasting. Once performed, it does not need to be repeated. Women often use this type of solution because it significantly improves their life comfort. Thanks to this solution they are perceived as warm, positive and friendly people with a smile on their lips all the time. 

Indications for surgical facelift

When hesitating to have a surgical facelift, there are two areas to look at: the lower edge of the jaw and the border between the cheek and mouth. The skin on the lower edge of the mandible at a young age is tight and slightly rounded. Throughout the mandible, the amount of skin is the same.

As the tissues age, they have less and less collagen, and as a result, the skin sags and becomes saggy. On the chin, characteristic bumps become visible. On the other hand, on the skin located on the border of the cheeks and lips, nasolabial furrows appear. In young people they are visible when smiling, in older people they occur independent of facial expression. If these changes are visible on the face, a surgical facelift is recommended to eliminate them. These changes become visible at different ages. They depend on lifestyle, addictions, or amount of stress. If you are not sure if a facelift is the procedure for you, take advantage of a free consultation at – we will talk about the details and make your appearance a few years younger.


Contraindications to a facelift

The decision to perform the surgery is always made by the surgeon. Before surgery, the patient must perform a comprehensive examination of the state of his health. During the consultation before the surgery it is worth to write down on a piece of paper all current and past diseases, operations performed, as well as cosmetic procedures performed on the face. During the initial consultation the patient is examined and at the same time his/her qualification for surgery takes place. If there is anything that raises doubts, then the surgeon has the right to refer the patient for additional examinations.

The list of contraindications is long. If the patient has a large number of other diseases, is physically unfit or has frequent recurrent respiratory infections, then he may not be correctly qualified for the surgery. A face with acne is also not desirable. Moreover, contraindications include hypertension problems, anemia, low blood clotting, diabetes, pregnancy, head inflammation or abnormal test results. Therefore, it is extremely important that the medical history is conducted factually and soundly. 


Where to get a facelift?

The entire process including consultation is done by a plastic surgeon. Finding the right cosmetic surgeon with experience is quite a challenge. First and foremost, the doctor must be qualified for the profession he or she is performing, as well as experienced. Nose surgery is different from a face lift, so it has to be someone who has performed more than one such procedure and specializes in them. Moreover, you should be guided by your aesthetic sense when choosing one.

People are different, so for some something is beautiful and for others ugly and vice versa. During the consultation it is extremely important to stand on one side. Opinions and opinions should not differ, and the surgeon must act as an advisor. He must not impose his own rationale, but only explore different points of view in order to reach a common position. Such surgeons are hard to find. Unfortunately, plastic surgery in Poland is still an underestimated field that is not used by many people. It is best to look for help abroad. It is easy to find there a surgeon specializing in facelift. Great experience and competitive prices should help you choose the right clinic. Looking for a comprehensive service with Polish-speaking staff and a 3-star hotel, it is worth using the services of

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