Beard and mustache transplantation
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Beard hair transplant – what you should know


So have you decided to get a beard hair transplant? You can now focus on a few things you need to know if you are considering a beard hair transplant.  You may have some questions about beard hair transplant such as – how much will a hair transplant in Turkey cost? Will it be expensive? How long will it take?  What will happen after the beard hair transplant? When should the grafts grow? These are the questions that come to mind when you are thinking about a beard hair transplant. To help you out a bit, here are the answers to your questions:


How much will a beard hair transplant cost?

When it comes to grooming or the beard hair transplant procedure itself, you have to spend some money because this surgery is not free. It’s not very expensive, especially if you choose hair transplant in Turkey. The prices in Turkey are 70% lower than in European countries. And the quality of service is at the same level or even higher than in Europe. You can consult your doctor about the total cost of beard hair transplant. There is no need to rush. You can make an appointment with the doctor only when you are mentally and financially ready.


How long will it take?

The full beard hair transplant procedure usually takes six to eight hours. The day before or on the day of the procedure, blood tests and a consultation with the doctor are performed. After the procedure, the patient can return to the hotel. The next day, the patient can safely return to the country.


What happens during and after a beard hair transplant?

The chin transplant treatment procedure is performed using the FUE hair transplant technique. In this FUE hair transplant procedure, the grafts are taken from the back of the scalp, which is the donor site. The grafts are transplanted into a non-uniform bald area of the mustache or beard. With FUE hair transplantation, almost all patches can be easily covered and treated in one procedure. This will give a satisfying result and a natural result. Like other facial hair, the transplanted hair will grow quite naturally. And these can be trimmed or shaved according to your liking and needs.


When will the hair start growing after a beard hair transplant?


This is quite a pertinent question asked by many people before or after a beard hair transplant. Well, the answer is that from the second day of transplantation, you can expect small scabs to form on the transplanted area.  We suggest a thorough cleaning after beard hair transplant as this helps in dissolving the scabs. Cleaning should begin as early as the third day. On the other hand, gentle scrubbing starts from day 7 after beard hair transplantation. It usually takes 7-10 days for the crust to fall off.

Turkey is one of the main sites for beard hair transplantation.  Beard hair transplant with Meditravel is done under the guidance of doctors who have extensive knowledge and experience in this field. If you are planning for beard hair transplant or hair transplant in Turkey, Meditravel is the right place.

It is good to have your own unique style. Beard hair transplant can be the right choice. Show off your beard and stay stylish!

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