Breast enlargement - How to choose Size not to overdo?
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Breast augmentation – how to choose the right size so as not to overdo it?

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure next to nose corrections. We mainly associate it with stars from television, who decide to significantly enlarge their breasts. Observing the effects of breast surgery on celebrities, however, we often have the impression that they exaggerated the size of their implants. The results do not look natural anymore, therefore quite unproportional. How to avoid it? The answer in theory is simple – choose the right size. In practice, it is not so easy. How to choose the size of breast implants in order not to overdo it?

What does breast shape and size depend on?

The breast is an extremely important part for women. How it looks is very important for the attractiveness and self-confidence for many women. Especially large breasts are nowadays a beauty trend and loved by many men. Unfortunately the modern pace of life, a mother’s role and environmental conditions are not favourable for women’s breasts. This leads to a kind of unsatisfaction of many women who start thinking of a breast surgery. These thoughts usually appear after pregnancy or in the beginning of adulthood. This is when signs of skin aging appear on the breasts, which significantly worsen its appearance and condition. It should be remembered, however, that it does not always have to be so. How breasts look like, what shape and size they have depends on genes. We inherit them from mothers and grandmothers. The inborn shape and size can not be changed by diet, care or cosmetics. The only way to modify them is through breast plastic surgery. The most popular procedure is breast lifting and enlargement with implants, but there are also ladies who decide to reduce breasts.

In pursuit of the ideal – what breasts fit into the ideal of beauty of the 21st century?

A woman’s breasts have been arousing interest for centuries, and from both sides. Considered as an attribute of femininity and attractiveness, it should be perfect. So what is it like? This question is difficult to answer unequivocally, because the canon of beauty in this area has changed over the centuries. However, it can be pointed out that for most of the time the most desirable was the one with smooth, apple-shaped skin, perfectly gathered and not subject to the processes of gravity. THE IDEA! Unfortunately, it is difficult to find such in nature and although no woman has to follow this ideal, everyone wants to feel attractive, feminine and good in her body. No wonder then, that breast plastic surgery is one of the most popular treatments of aesthetic medicine.

When is it a good idea to think about breast augmentation?

Implants are a great solution for women who have sagging and asymmetrical breasts. They will also help those ladies who feel little feminine in their bodies. Thanks to breast plastic surgery many women get rid of complexes and psychological problems. The popularity of treatments in recent years has increased significantly, and the lower price of plastic surgery contributed to this. Polish women willingly go for breast augmentation surgery to the neighboring Czech Republic, where reputable clinics offer low prices going hand in hand with high quality of the procedure. Ladies who are concerned about organizational or language issues can use the help of Meditravel. Full package including both plastic surgery and consultations, hotel stay and care of a Polish-speaking guardian costs approx. 2899 euro. Plastic surgery is carried out in the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague, in a renowned clinic with a world-class level. However, before the surgery takes place, it is necessary to choose the size of the implants, which will be placed by the surgeon.

Which size should I choose for my breast implants?

How the breasts will look like after surgery depends not only on the surgeon’s experience, but also on the size of the implants. These can not be selected by eye. This would result in a result that you won’t be happy with.

Usually most women come to a plastic surgeon because they dream of large breasts. For the initial consultation, they come with a proposal of implants much larger than the doctors advise. However, this is not a good solution because the result will be unnatural and not very aesthetic. The downside of large implants is also spinal discomfort, which can even contribute to degenerative disease. Thus, every surgeon cannot blindly follow the wishes of the patient. The choice of the size and shape of implants should be approached carefully and all elements should be analyzed.

Fortunately, modern plastic surgery offers a wide range of sizes and shapes – so each woman can adjust these elements individually, to her wishes. Meditravel will help in the selection of implants, advise and suggest the best solution.

How do I choose the right size for breast augmentation?

The choice of implants is always a joint decision between the patient and the surgeon. The surgeon should listen to the patient’s wishes, learn about her dreams, tastes and requirements before making a recommendation. It is also necessary to take measurements, which will allow the implants to fit the figure. When choosing the size of insoles, the anatomical conditions of the cage must also be taken into account. In most cases, for example, it is impossible to significantly approximate the breasts – less than 3 centimeters. Anatomical and health issues are very important, but not the only ones that the doctor takes into account. He must also take into account the patient’s lifestyle. Active women are not recommended to enlarge their breasts considerably, it may interfere e.g. in exercises and even well fitted sports bra will not help here. Too big bust will also be a problem in performing daily duties and may cause problems with buying a proper decision. Immediately before the procedure, the Meditravel patient also has the opportunity to see live implants in different sizes, which allows at least in theory to imagine the future size of the bust.

What size breast implants should I choose? There is no good answer to this question. If you want to achieve a natural effect, you should not choose implants of a large size. Too powerful bust will disrupt the proportions of the body, looks too defiantly not aesthetically pleasing. However, one should remember that everything is a matter of taste. Free consultations are offered online by Meditravel. 


What breast shape to choose?

One of the more common questions asked by women interested in breast augmentation is whether it is better to choose anatomical or round implants. There is no universal answer in this area either. Anatomical implants, so-called teardrop implants, are those that stand out for their natural appearance and perfect fit to the natural shape of the breast. Thanks to them you can avoid the effect of emphasizing the bust in its upper part. Round implants, on the other hand, will make the breasts fuller in the upper and lower part.

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