Raising your breast after pregnancy - how to restore their firmness?
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Breast lift after pregnancy – how to restore firmness?

The breasts change significantly after pregnancy. This is a result of many factors including the rapid production of female sex hormones. This results in significant breast enlargement during pregnancy. After birth and the end of breastfeeding, the bust usually returns to its previous size, but… unfortunately, this is associated with serious changes in its structure. There is also a noticeable loss of firmness, elasticity, and sagging of the tissue. How to deal with it? How will a breast lift after pregnancy affect their firmness?

Why do breasts lose firmness and elasticity after pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a special time for a woman. The period of waiting for the birth of a child is full of wonderful moments. It is no secret, however, that it is also an extremely difficult period for the body. It has to function at the so-called double speed. Unfortunately this is reflected in the appearance of the body during and after pregnancy. And although political correctness makes us say that the changes do not hurt us, for many women they are the cause of complexes and loss of confidence, as well as problems in the sexual sphere.

These problems arise from the fact that the body – including breasts significantly changes after pregnancy. In the case of breasts, the most visible change is the loss of unity, which causes sagging of breasts. The reason for this is the rapid enlargement of the breasts, the growth of the nipple pads and the beginning of the lactation process. However, adverse changes are the result of not only hormones and changes in the body, but also diet. Indulging in sweet snacks or other cravings during pregnancy can easily lead to breast fat overgrowth, and thus stretch marks. It is also commonly believed that natural breastfeeding causes breasts to become saggy and drawn out. However, specialists emphasize that such effects are the result not of feeding, but of age, number of pregnancies, body mass index (BMI).

How to lift breasts after pregnancy?

The good news is that a breast lift after pregnancy is possible. Most often at the very beginning we reach for home and non-invasive methods. It is worth taking a look at the most popular ones and assess whether and what effects can be expected from them.

Most women who want to raise the bust, reach for firming cosmetics. They are most often in the form of a bust cream. These preparations can be used both during and after pregnancy. It is important, however, to properly choose the composition of the cosmetic. This is particularly important during the period of waiting for the baby. Some of the ingredients can harm the fetus. Firming creams prepare the skin for the occurrence of stretch marks and possible stretching. Their regular use will allow the bust to quickly return to its pre-pregnancy condition. Right next to the creams in the beautician’s bag should be peelings, which will be performed 1-2 times a week in combination with skin toughening alternately with hot and cold water. This treatment is expected to stimulate microcirculation and reduce stretch marks.

Home remedies for firmer breasts

The use of firming cosmetics should be supported by exercises. In the network there is no shortage of examples of those for raising the bust. They are based mainly on stretching the chest. Strong is an ideal skeleton for firm breasts – it will hold them, even if they have significantly changed their size. Recommended exercises for breast lift are lifting light weights, female push-ups, swimming.

Another home remedy for firm breasts is wearing the right underwear. It is best to choose it with a specialist. The right size and shape of the bra provide optimal protection for the breasts. A well-fitted bra should be worn throughout the entire pregnancy and breastfeeding period. Otherwise there is a risk of skin stretching. It is also worth using the services of a specialist, putting on massages. Regularly and correctly performed can lift breasts even by 2 cm.

Plastic surgery – breast lift after pregnancy

Many women using minimally invasive, home remedies unfortunately do not see an effect. This does not mean, however, that they have to give up the beautiful, firm breasts after childbirth. The help comes with Meditravel. Meditravel cooperates with clinics, which are specialised  in breast lifts so that a beautiful and firm breast can be restored. The operations are carried out for example in the best clinics of the Czech Republic and Turkey. Our patients are provided with comprehensive care from the first contact to the very end. We offer consultations, transportation, hotel accommodation, surgery and post-operative care, follow-up visits and medication. The advantage of plastic surgery in the Czech Republic is also the price, almost a third lower than in most countries. Despite the many advantages of breast plastic surgery after pregnancy, many women ask themselves whether it is safe and what it involves.

What is a breast lift after pregnancy?

Modern aesthetic medicine offers women several treatments to lift their breasts after pregnancy. All of them restore firmness and attractive shape. One of the most commonly performed procedures is breast lift. It is performed after the end of the natural breastfeeding period.

The procedure is performed in two ways. The first is the traditional breast lift procedure. It is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 2 hours. The traditional procedure involves making an incision in the skin that runs around the nipple and vertically down from the nipple, and sometimes in the subpectoral groove. In the next step, the nipple and areola are moved upward and the mammary gland is shaped, while the excess skin is removed.

The second option offered by aesthetic medicine is a breast lift after pregnancy with simultaneous placement of breast implants. The procedure is based on removing excess sagging skin. For this, implants are used, which the surgeon inserts under the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle. Different types of breast implants are used during the surgery.

Is breast surgery after pregnancy safe?

A breast lift after pregnancy is a safe procedure. It carries no more risk than a procedure performed before pregnancy. The convalescence is also similar. In Czech clinic patient stays 24-48 hours, during which time remains under constant care of medical staff. From him also receives recommendations for further convalescence. This usually involves wearing a special bra to replace the bandage for 9-12 weeks. In addition, it is recommended to avoid physical activity, as well as lifting. During the recovery period, you may experience minor pain, sensory disturbances around the nipple, bruising and hemorrhaging. These symptoms quickly subside.

What are the effects of breast lift surgery after pregnancy?

The effect of breast lift after pregnancy is permanent and visible immediately after surgery. However, full results are achieved after 3-6 months. Then the bust reaches its full elasticity and firmness. Lifting also allows to raise breasts by several centimeters. The improvement of their shape is also visible.

Lifting procedures are an effective answer to the question of how to lift the bust after pregnancy. The bust becomes attractively shaped, resistant to the forces of gravity. It presents itself beautifully and allows to get rid of complexes and regain self-confidence.

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