How much does the breast plastic surgery cost?
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How much does breast surgery cost?

Breast surgery – enlargement, reduction and improvement of shape are aesthetical procedures that are not covered by health insurers. This means that the cost of the entire procedure, as well as examination, later convalescence must be paid out of pocket. How much does the breast surgery cost? See what are the costs of breast plastic surgery.

What is the price of breast plastic surgery?

Women who dream of bigger or smaller, firmer, fuller breasts most often ask the question how much does breast plastic surgery cost. Unfortunately, it is difficult to give a clear answer to this question. This is due to the fact that the price of breast augmentation depends on many factors. Often it is only after the initial consultation and examination that the clinic can provide a final cost.

The price of breast plastic surgery is affected by elements as:

  • location of surgery
  • implant brand, type and shape
  • choice of method 
  • complexity and time of the operation

How much does a breast surgery cost abroad?

The average price for breast surgery is between 5000  € and 12000 €. In countries like the Czech Republic and Turkey you can have much more reasonable prices, with still a high quality.

A good clinic for breast surgery is for example Premier Clinic in Prague, Czech Republic. It is Prague’s premium clinic that focuses on plastic surgery. It is famous for its high quality, world-class medical staff, the latest equipment, innovative procedures. All this makes it highly trusted by patients, including those abroad.  Meditravel cooperates with Premier Clinic, organising trips for breast surgery, as well as nose correction, liposuction, abdominoplasty or face lift

What makes up the cost of breast surgery?

The procedure itself is just one of many costs included in the price of breast surgery. The final cost consists of consultations, pre-operative examinations, the cost of staying at the clinic for at least 24 hours after the surgery, follow-up visits after the surgery, painkillers, and appropriate underwear. If these elements are not included in the basic price of breast surgery, then you need to add to it even 500-800 € additionally. This is why when choosing a clinic, it is worth asking what exactly is included in the price.

In the case of breast surgery in the Czech Republic organized by Meditravel costs such as consultation visits, cost of stay at the clinic for at least 24 hours after surgery, follow-up visits after surgery, painkillers, appropriate underwear are included in the price listed on the website. It is also worth mentioning that Meditravel can organize the whole trip to the Czech Republic – buy flight tickets,  organize transfers within Prague and accommodation in a comfortable 4-star hotel.

Breast surgery by installment

Patients who are on a tight budget need not worry. Meditravel works with a company that offers loans for medical procedures. It allows you to get breast plastic surgery even if you do not have the entire amount you need right away. All the loan paperwork can be done online, without leaving home. Patients who work abroad can also avail this form of loan. It is enough that the guarantor is a person who receives a salary for work or pension in Poland. Other countries need to be checked separately. Repayment of the loan can be spread into a selected number of instalments. The whole procedure is safe and very attractive, that is why our patients use it eagerly.

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