How much does the hair transplant cost?
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How much does a hair transplant cost?

Hair transplantation is an increasingly popular aesthetic medicine procedure. It is mainly opted for by men who want to restore hair growth in areas of the scalp. The great interest in hair transplantation is mainly due to its high effectiveness. The results after this procedure are much better than in the case of other medical procedures, pharmacology or the use of home remedies. However, it is important to remember that hair transplantation is also a more expensive procedure than the less specialised ones. But is it really? What costs do you really have to reckon with when considering a transplant? Is this type of treatment cheap?  How much do you actually have to pay for a scalp hair transplant?

As a reminder: what is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a medical procedure that is performed on both men and women to add more hair to the scalp area. It is used for thinning hair and baldness. The first hair transplant was performed in 1939 in Japan with single hairs on the head. Doctors spent the following years developing the so-called plug technique, which allows large clumps of hair to be transplanted. In the 19th century, surgeons used mini and micro transplants with high efficiency. Nowadays, aesthetic medicine most often turns to FUE and DHI – you can read about the differences between these two procedures on our blog. What is particularly important, however, is that thanks to long-developed techniques, hair transplantation for both men and women is becoming more and more affordable as the cost of implantation decreases every year.

How to deal with hair loss?

Hair transplantation on the head is a procedure dedicated to people who have problems with hair loss. It is estimated that worldwide about 60% of men and 50% of women could benefit from this procedure – this is how many people experience some form of hair loss. Before opting for a transplant, however, these people try to remedy the problem with inexpensive home remedies. These include the use of shampoos, masks and hair growth stimulants. Topical medications or aesthetic medicine treatments such as mesotherapy are also often seen as a remedy for hair loss. The use of these methods seems attractive because it costs little and, in addition, is much less complicated than an implantation procedure. Unfortunately, these methods, although relatively cheap (for a single purchase) in most cases do not give satisfactory results. And even if some appear, you have to wait for them for a long time and they are practically invisible to the eyes. If you want to enjoy a lush hair, the only effective solution is transplantation. The development of medicine has made the cost of hair transplantation for men and women affordable for everyone who can put aside some money. More and more Poles decide on it. Still, many people are distrustful about this procedure. They are worried about safety, side effects of hair transplantation, the results, and last but not least, about finances. Hair transplantation is perceived as an expensive procedure, which means that it is not for everyone.

How much does a hair transplant cost?

An unambiguous indication of price, i.e. how much a male or female hair transplant costs, is not possible. This is because the price is not regulated. Each clinic offering a transplant can decide the price by itself. The amount usually depends on:

  • The experience of the doctor carrying out the transplant,
  • The reputation of the clinic you use,
  • The hair transplantation method used,
  • The clinic’s own costs,
  • The country in which the operation is carried out,
  • The amount of hair loss,
  • The structure of the hair and the number of hair follicles,
  • The expected implantation effect,
  • The service package.

There may be even more factors influencing the price. However, analysing the offer of domestic clinics, it can be pointed out that the price of a hair transplant in 2021 in most western European countries varies between 5000 € and 12000 €- but this does not mean that in some places the costs will not be even higher. Therefore, it is in most countries difficult to find an affordable hair transplantation for men and women, looking on their own for a good solution that costs little. It is also worth pointing out that usually the prices quoted by western european clinics include only the procedure itself and do not take into account preliminary consultations, medicines or visits after the procedure. These significantly increase the already high costs. So how to get an affordable surgery for a good quality?

How much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey?

As we mentioned earlier, the price of a hair transplant depends on the country where the procedure is carried out. Prices in most European countries are quite high and for many people who suffer from hair loss just too expensive. However, you can get much more affordable hair transplant prices, if you decide to undergo the procedure abroad. Attractive prices are offered, especially by clinics in Turkey. There you pay just 20-30% of the price compared to western European countries. Nevertheless the quality is very high. Turkey, and in particular Istanbul, are famous for hair transplants. That’s why Istanbul is even called the “world capital” for hair transplantations”.  Here the lower prices do not lead to a lower quality. Often even the opposite is the case, as the clinics use equipment of the latest generations, have highly qualified surgeons and much experience.
That’s why more and more people decide to take advantage of this attractive offer. How much do they have to pay? Here you can get the current Meditravel offers. Meditravel offers affordable hair transplantations with very high quality. Here is an example what a hair transplant package with Meditravel includes:

  • transfer within Turkey
  • 3-day stay in a 4-star hotel for the patient and an accompanying person
  • hair transplantation with the use of the sapphire micro FUE/DHI method up to 5000 grafts
  • PRP treatment
  • necessary examinations
  • medications after the implantation procedure
  • personal caretaker
  • all necessary extras
  • a certificate guaranteeing the quality of the procedure
  • 1 year after-care

It is possible to get additionally a narrator in your mother tongue,  who will translate during your operation day.
Booking of your flight tickets, incl. check-in, filling out of the travel formalities is also possible.

Which hair transplant package in Turkey to choose?

The most popular package at Meditravel is the Premium package. It offers a comfortable journey, as the hotel, airport transfers, etc. are organized for the patient.
If you are unsure which package is ideal for you, you can just ask your Meditravel consultant – he is happy to assist you with finding an optimal solution for you.

A hair transplant is too expensive? Not with Meditravel!

Hair transplantation is not a cheap procedure. The price can be high and how much the procedure costs sometimes differs for men and women, even if you want to use Turkey transplants. Or if your budget won’t allow for the procedure, do you have to give up on your dream lush hair or postpone the dream indefinitely. Not in Meditravel. The costs of a hair transplant in Meditravel can be spread in instalments. These will need to be repaid monthly to the bank. The repayment is convenient and adapted to the patient’s possibilities.

Is it worth being guided by price?

There’s no denying it – price is an important factor in whether or not we decide to have a hair transplant surgery. When we look through the offers of hair transplant clinics to see how much this kind of operation costs, it’s the price that we check first – often even before the experience or reviews. Often a low price tempts us to take up the offer. But is it worth it? It often isn’t. When it comes to hair transplantations, it is worth trusting only the latest technology and experienced surgeons. Only this guarantees that the expected results will fulfill and the recovery will be quick. Top-notch surgeons ensure also that the existing hair is protected. A reasonable and fair price is important, but a well-performed hair transplant also avoids unwanted side effects and a long convalescence.

Cost of hair transplantation

Although the price of a hair transplantation can be difficult to clearly determine before the procedure, it is possible to estimate the cost of the transplantation, if you anticipate how many grafts (hair follicles) – will be required for the hair transplantation. How much does each one cost? The amount depends on the clinic and the surgeon who performs the operation.
However, we can assure you that Meditravel offers you the most attractive prices for high-quality hair transplantations.

How much does a hair transplant cost?

Clinic stay, travel and medication should be included in the cost of the hair transplant. When providing patients with affordable surgeries abroad, we take care to organise each of these aspects using our years of experience. However, it is worth taking all these factors into account when considering how much hair transplantation costs for men and women. Here you can check the current Meditravel hair transplant offers.

Low-cost hair transplant

With our services, transplantation is possible at an attractive price. Just choose the services that hundreds of satisfied customers have used before. You can get a low-price, but high-quality hair transplantation in Istanbul. It is the best solution, if you dream of regaining your hair and correcting your hair loss. If you want to find out how much a hair transplant costs, just contact Meditravel today.

How much exactly does a hair transplant cost at Meditravel?

The pricing of a hair transplant at Meditravel depends on the wishes and requirements of each individual person. If you want to know what the exact price will be, please use our contact form at Then tell us which package you are want and in which itinerary you are interested in. Then you will directly find out how affordable the prices are with Meditravel.
Take advantage of our offers and get your full hair!

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