History of breast plastic surgery
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History of breast surgery

Breast surgery in the 21st century has become more and more popular and available, which is why many women use it. Also men use plastic surgery procedures. However, it is worth knowing that improving your beauty with a scalpel is not a modern era invention. The first descriptions of nose correction or scar masking date back to ancient Egypt. What’s more, the history of one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, i.e. breast surgery, also counts for several centuries. When was this type of operation performed for the first time?

Plastic surgery of the breasts – when did it start?

Fashion for breast plastic surgery appeared in the 20th century. Few people know, however, that the first operations of this type were performed much, much earlier, already in the 7th century. It was then that the Byzantine doctor Pablo de Aegina created the method of breast removal. Unfortunately, at that time, the methods of breast reconstruction or enlargement were still unknown. These appeared only in the 19th century. It was then that plastic surgery got to know breast implants, the purpose of which was to increase the size of the breasts and their shape. The Austrian-German physician Vincenz Czerny is believed to be the first surgeon to use them. In 1895, he used adipose tissue obtained from a lipoma of the lumbar region to correct the asymmetry of the breast caused by the removal of the tumor from this region. His breakthrough surgery meant that breast plastic surgery began to be performed more and more often. This led to groundbreaking discoveries.

In 1889, Robert Gersuny used liquid paraffin to inject his breasts – unfortunately, the result of his experiments turned out to be tragic. So, in the early 1900s, doctors began investigating other substances that could help increase the size of the breasts. During the operation, ivory, glass balls, rubber, beef cartilage, cotton, pieces of polyethylene, polyurethane sponge, silicone rubber or Teflon-silicone prostheses. However, all of these materials turned out to be ineffective. Shortly after the operation, the breasts became as hard as stone and the artificial implants had to be removed. This, however, did not discourage doctors from further attempts. These turned out to be effective only in the 1960s.

The boom in breast augmentation – breast plastic surgery in the 1960s

The 1960s were a real breakthrough in breast plastic surgery. The discoveries made started the enormous popularity of the breast augmentation procedure. What discoveries are we talking about?

In 1961, American plastic surgeons Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow, together with Dow Coening Corporation, produced the first silicone gel-filled breast prostheses. The first breast augmentation procedure with silicone implants took place in 1962. The lady who was first implanted with modern implants is Timmy Jean Lindsay. Today, she is almost 90 years old and is still pleased to have had surgery.

The next years are work on the modernization of breast implants. Doctors and scientists worked primarily on the thickness and quality of the material. The first improvement was the reduction of gel leakage from the implants. The first changes to the insoles were proposed in 1964 by the French company Laboratoires Arion, which produced the first breast prostheses filled with physiological saline.

Breast surgery in the 21st century

Innovative solutions have made breast plastic surgery widespread over the years. In the 1990s, actresses and show business stars eagerly used it. Plastic surgery of the breasts admitted, inter alia, Pamela Anderson is the star of the cult series Baywatch. Today, breast augmentation is nothing to be ashamed of. It is used by women who want to feel better in their own body, get rid of complexes, and fight the effects of diseases, e.g. cancer. Regardless of the reasons for the surgery, patients can choose between different types of breast implants, as well as their different sizes and shapes.

In the 21st century breasts surgeries are carried out in specialiced plastic surgery clinics. Due to the fact that they require anesthesia, they are performed by a plastic surgeon. In most countries, breast surgeries are still expensive, which is why many of our patients decide to go to countries like the Czech Republic or Turkey. Abroad, not only reasonable prices, but also renowned clinics with the best specialists are waiting for them. Breast augmentation in the Czech Republic is therefore a comfortable and safe procedure. When using Meditravel, you do not have to worry about formalities. Our specialists take care of them from A to Z, and also watch over the comfort of each patient in the Prague clinic.

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